Mirko [S] 20 points ago

30 is a great age to enter politics. Her skill level is incredible and we need talent.

Mirko [S] 2 points ago

I pay more than that in taxes. They can give it back to me if they want. My wife and I are also not financially impacted—yet—though it seems likely we'll at least slow down at work.

Mirko [S] 2 points ago

A loud but small group on this site think we should all share one hive mind with the same opinions on everything—but we're individuals so that's ridiculous. It;s how the radical left operates.

The world is complicated. Differences in opinion are normal and healthy. One thing we all should agree on is supporting our President. Beyond that, discussion is a great thing for any American to take part in—without getting triggered.

Mirko [S] 15 points ago

I'm an injection mold maker in Minnesota. Our shop is very busy and I just got a few more molds to design and build. Don't need to be close to other people to run cnc's, at least where I work.

Things will get worse but hopefully the economy has a nice bounce back this year when it all blows over.

Mirko [S] 1 point ago

I don't disagree with you but I'm not close to parting ways. He's winning on too many fronts. And remember, criticism without comparison is cheap and easy.

Who could effectively do more right now?

Mirko [S] 2 points ago

Figure out where the line is. Don't cross it but stand on top of it. Eventually the line moves.

Most importantly, always be guided by LOVE.

Mirko [S] 3 points ago

I doubt that's what he's saying.

He's likely a passionate Trump supporter and probably believes he has earned our trust. If he doesn't veto, I give him the benefit of the doubt that he has good reasons. Many variables we are not aware of.

It's a complicated, dangerous game he's playing.

Mirko [S] 1 point ago

People who vote for Trump and support him on a pro-Trump message board are leftists scum because they're concerned about people's trustworthiness? The government is filled with liars and traitors—Right or wrong, that's not an unreasonable fear. Trump has publicly endorsed Romney after all.

Disagreement is great but you can't even get along with people on your side. Everyone who disagrees with you is not a shill. I sincerely hope learn how to have a real discussion with people. You might even accidentally learn something.

Mirko [S] 12 points ago

"Despite" lol. Hispanics also like making more money and having less crime. AMAZING.

Mirko [S] 0 points ago

You again. This is unhealthy behavior wandering around calling everyone a shill. Try having a conversation some time. Hope you feel better soon.

Mirko [S] 7 points ago

Yes lets pretend that deleted comment wasn't yours and that you haven't made several comments calling people shills.

The truth will set you free. Try it, you might like it more than you think.

Mirko [S] 10 points ago

Deleted your comment then claimed straw man. OK BUDDY.

You called Rescuedogdad a shill for his comment. We're not robots over here. We have different opinions.

Mirko [S] 9 points ago

But it is an "assault weapon" which of course is a made up political term to further move the goal posts.

Mirko [S] 5 points ago

I'd forgive the inaccuracy if it was at least funny.

Mirko [S] 1 point ago

Nothing to explain, it's not true. Jack Posobiec tweeted it out as a joke awhile back.

Mirko [S] 1 point ago

That's not true. Not even a little.

Mirko [S] 8 points ago

I aint even lying, yo, he just got DUNKED ON

Mirko [S] 2 points ago

US news over there and elsewhere is garbage. Before the 2016 election I had a conversation in Australia with a random guy in line at a pub. He parroted every CNN talking point and never even heard the counter-arguments before. He looked baffled when I assured him Trump would win.

I bet he thought of our conversation when Trump won.

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