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Too late losers, we already did Thanksgiving dinner and we invited everyone.

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It's a death cult designed to mutilate and molest your children. Any parent who encourages it is beyond evil, and has crossed a threshold that has stripped them of their human soul. This leaves a lifeless husk, lacking all principals, morals, and leaving humanity behind. They then encourage other parent to mutilate their own children.

Death cult. Just like the climate people who say we are all going to die in 10 years for the last 50 years.

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I'm hoping for his eventual extradition to ukrainian prison. I know it's the longshot on the odds, but my oh my that salt content...

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Continue to ignore biden like we are doing now. He will never be the president at this point, no matter what media his overlords bought. I honestly haven't heard a word the dude has said since the day everyone was making fun of the demented old fool for having "office of the president elect" behind him at some empty press conference.


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Okay then 87% of Americans will no longer use air travel then. No problems. Are these people really so retarded to remove 87% of their customers?

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I don't understand why he thinks there will be a boom under biden? Biden would have to have actually won the election for that to be true Paul.

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I mean, they can make up whatever they need to feel better I guess. These are the dorks that think harry potter is real life.

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Who cares what faux news thinks, they are just jealous we are better at their jobs than they will ever be, and it's just a hobby for us

Hope you are reading this cucks at faux!

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I didn't even know there was an international men's day. I honest to God do not care or need one, they can have it if it makes them happy. Every day is my day, shrug.

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