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What, you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you see 95% of people in commercials are non-white and/or men? And like 50% of commercials feature some sort of theme about overcoming a struggle

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Send them to Africa. Let them live out their fantasy of a black-dominated world

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The only bad thing about this is it doesn't last long enough

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It's pretty funny how he's kinda trapped in a corner of probably being forced to pick Kamala Harris. She swung on him at the debates, then she got nuked by Tulsi Gabbard revealing her fucked up policing policies, then she tanked in the election, then she got a bunch of plastic surgery to look like she's wearing a mask of her own face, and now he's probably gotta pick her anyway..

..and she's from California so she's earning no bonus electoral votes there.

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If she is picked for VP then you know the election is 100% rigged. There is no way whatsoever that she would set herself up to lose a third time.

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Nah. I don’t want to start a trend of adding presidents to the monument. It would just cheapen it

Inevitably what would happen is every single president would wind up being judged for whether or not they too should be added. Eventually it would be considered a ‘snub’ for a president to not be included, so we’d end up adding every president which obviously isn’t even feasible

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There’s been an uptick in this stuff lately...

Too many conservatives miss the point completely by trying to call the left’s bluff on racism. They don’t get that the left doesn’t really care about equality. The left is racist, they hate white people, and they want to kill us, take our shit, and then tell stories about how they overcame our subjugation.

They don’t hate capitalism. They hate white people. They don’t hate religion. They hate white people. They don’t hate patriarchy. They hate white people. They don’t hate cops. They hate white people.

When pop culture mocks rednecks or southerners or midwesterners or flyover states they’re mocking white people. When they mock Karens or Beckys they’re mocking white people. When they mock hunting or nascar or country music they’re mocking white people.

I dare any conservative to find an instance of the news media or mainstream pop culture celebrating anything positive for white people. You’ll find a thousand examples of “first Asian to do this!” or “more black members of Congress than ever!”, things that just mean “white people are losing ground in their own country” and we’re expected to celebrate that like we’re gaining something?

Like 85% of all nonwhite people vote blue. The progressive coalition is not ideological. It’s race-based. Just look at how irate they get when a non-white votes red. They know it’s not progressives vs conservatives. It’s everyone vs whites

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lighter treatment under the law and infinite excuses from the media. There's basically nothing a black person can do that the media won't say is somehow a white person's fault

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Change the marlboros to Newports and the Bud Light to natty light. Then add tattoos, Netflix/Hulu, weed, and a PS5

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He has to provide balance to Adams optimism. Adam is just discovering the MAGA world and it’s making him thinking everyone everywhere is waking up at the same time just like him, but most of who he’s discovering have already been around for a while. Tim is just trying to keep him grounded.

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If you don’t muh g- you know, the thing

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Thank god tim is finally admitting jack dorsey is a two faced liar. He was giving him the benefit of the doubt for way too long. That was bothering me more than him not being willing to vote for trump

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No no no no no. Spare me your ____! And therein lies the problem.

Love ya, Tim.

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They only identify as white when it’s time to say “we, as white people, should give away everything we’ve ever worked for to hordes of third world mongrels”. Then they go back to being Jewish and not abiding by any of what they preach to others

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It is about love of America and that includes appreciating that both its tangible framework and its guiding principles are the byproduct of white european cultures. It's also about looking at the timeline of when American began to degenerate and matching it up with the timeline of immigration to the US, specifically the part where it transitioned from semi-regular bursts of immigration from European nations to nonstop tidal waves of immigration from central/south America, the middle east, Africa, and now Asia.

From there you can look at the state of those nations from which this second generation of immigrants come from and you can see that we're not changing them. They're changing us into something that closer resembles the shitholes they left behind.

I, my parents, and my grandparents have experienced this first hand in our lives. We have all had to abandon neighbhorhoods we grew up in because non-whites get shoehorned in via low-income housing and other forced-integration projects and the towns quickly and inevitably turn damage, dirty, and hostile. Do you have any idea what it's like not being able to visit your childhood hometown because if you do you'll get mugged or worse by a mob of teenagers with guns?

I don't want that for America. If that means the non-whites have to go then so be it. They're welcome to give multiculturalism a try in their own nations and let us know how it goes. For some reason they never try it though..

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Then they'll most likely still be an extreme exception to the rule for their demographics. I watch pretty much every video HodgeTwins video put out, plus a ton of stuff from Larry Elder, Candace Owens, JLP, and probably some others that don't stand in my mind because I don't give a shit that they're black, but the problem is they are in the EXTREME minority in terms of their race and politics.

I used to think like you do but these days I just don't believe it anymore. I don't believe these other races are mature enough collectively to live in a multicultural society. I will happily admit I'm wrong the day they can first build a society that can compete with a below average white society and then open it up to racial diversity and find a way to make it work. You just don't see that though. You don't see diverse African-led countries or diverse Arab-led countries or diverse Latino-led countries. They are intolerant people and they're not here in America because they love equality. They're here because they know we're easy to take advantage of and the second they can sucker punch us and steal all our shit that's exactly what they'll do

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This is what YOU think. THEY don't think that. THEY don't want equality. YOU are the only one who wants equality. THEY want to kill you and take your stuff

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go for a jog and do some body weight shit at a park or something. Our hunter gatherer ancestors were probably stronger than us but without training and without a million supplements

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This will just annoy independents and moderates though. It’d be better if they were plastered with unapproved information like graphs of crime between races

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