MichaelScott [S] 3 points ago

And we look forward to your ban as well. Finally something we can agree on.

MichaelScott [S] 2 points ago

Must feel really good wasting your life participating in and commenting on a website all for someone you totally hate. Get a life scrub

MichaelScott [S] 1 point ago

I’ll have to take your word on the article because I won’t be giving NBC any clicks

MichaelScott [S] 3 points ago (edited)

100% agree with all of this. My dad had the same talk with me and it has stuck with me all my life. We are trying to keep Christ at the center of our home

MichaelScott [S] 19 points ago

Thanks for all the love pedes, while yes my wife and I are completely exhausted, we are completely blown away with gratitude for our little son. I love being a father already

MichaelScott [S] 8 points ago

No but he is a Scott’s tot

MichaelScott [S] 16 points ago

Thanks, great advice

MichaelScott [S] 23 points ago

Thank you! Super excited, equally exhausted haha

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