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You might even call it the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

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That woman looks super nervous.

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Do they dispute her numbers?

And why don't people want to hear the good news that this virus isn't really much of a threat?

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Not only was the 'whistleblower' in the Ukraine phone call "beyond reproach", we were also told he had every right to remain anonymous. And they said it with a straight face.

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I'm glad people like you point things like this out. We don't need to resort to speculative claims and misleading information.

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I cancelled mine months ago after they sent me an email extolling the 'virtues' of black lives matter.

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It used to be "keep 6 feet apart, and if you somehow cannot do that then wear a mask".

Now it looks like at least 6 feet apart, AND wear a mask, even though there's a barrier.

What the hell happened?

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That's what I've been wondering too. Their side wasn't worried about our side committing fraud. And they know that the Russia "fraud" was made up nonsense. So what was Joe really trying to say there? I think he actually said what he meant in a moment of confusion/forgetting who he was talking to.

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Does he even have any policies?

Sure he does. He just has to check to see if the other Democrats are raising their hands first, then he will do the same.

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What about "whistleblowers"? I remember a time when whistleblowers were to not only be listened to, but revered. In fact, their station in life was so exalted that they were given the right, and even encouraged, to remain anonymous.

Somehow things changed though, and today whistleblowers are to be discounted, discredited and even ignored.


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