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Aren't all the polar bears supposed to be dead by now? Isn't the entire world supposed to overpopulated? What about that scary depleting ozone layer?

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Has nothing to do with being white. Millions and millions of whites killed each other during both world wars. Had the US not existed and the Axis won, the entire world would would be enslaved right now with zero chance of fighting back. Dictators would be passed down from one generation to anther and the entire populace would be completely disarmed.

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Sigh. I wish Trump wasn't even forced to run for president. The man did nothing but build his entire life and deserves to be playing golf at a resort. He said he'd only run if things got really bad, and here we are. 2020 is far worse than 2016.

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Reminds me of Planned Parenthood. Sounds so innocent and downright responsible.

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It may be just politics, but everything is being politicized right now. When legit doctors get their vids pulled down for recommending certain medications, things have really gone wrong.

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So I guess it's not the summer of love after all.

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For now. But they are leaving themselves wide open for another video hosting site that won't ban or demonitize people over politics.

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Their strategy is to hide them through algorithm and demonetize them by taking away their ad revenue.

Which boggles my mind. You'd think Youtube would want to maximize their own profits. Crowder has nearly 5M subscribers. Dennis Prager is another popular conservative. Why on earth would you want to get in a war with the very people making quality content and getting millions of views?

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Seems like Covid is as much a disease of the mind as anything. This has caused half the world to go insane.

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Never in my life have I taken tests just to test if I'm sick. I'm pretty sure the 101 body temp or throwing up or diarrhea will let me know I'm sick.

I can't believe people are this gullible, especially after all this time.

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Conservatives don't really have that option. Most of us just want to be left alone and have as little gov't interference in our lives as possible. I don't want Republicans passing bills, unless it's to undo the damage caused by Democrats, which never seems to happen. Unfortunately, the current situation is Democrats want to increase the gov't by X, and Republicans only want to increase it by 0.5X. Rarely do I ever hear politicians that want to shrink the gov't.

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During the early years of this country, a private citizen could own a war vessel that could pulverize an entire coastal town.

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If I was to sum it up in one sentence, it would be a dam that was cracking for 20 years, then finally burst all at once.

When I was growing up, nearly everyone around me was a "liberal democrat". Anytime Republicans were even brought up, they were immediately laughed at. Keep in mind, this is as early as 6th or 7rd grade, when neither my friends nor me knew jack shit about politics, but the teachers certainly did.

Basically, it was a constant blaming of everything on the system, and the only fix was more gov't. Also, there seemed to be a constant anti-American tone to every class. Things like slavery were talked about all the time, while celebrating the founding was rarely discussed. By the time I came out of high school, I not only believed in gun control, I believed the 2nd amendment should be abolished.

It's crazy to think about, really. That there are "professors" who can have "history" classes that did nothing but badmouth every president except maybe FDR. FDR was almost always liked by every professor. Funny how that works.

In my 20s and early half of my 30s, I was a huge fan of Bill Maher, Howard Stern, Colbert, Jon Stewart, and so on. It felt like I agreed with them with just about everything political, except for a few things. Things like voter ID. It just defies all common sense why anyone wouldn't want voter ID.

And as the years rolled on, the cracks kept coming up. I agreed with my previous idols less and less on issue after issue.

Finally, it was the story the media had when Trump was engaging in a tweet war with Kim Jong, followed by his N Korea visit. I did my own research and couldn't believe how badly that was reported by the media. After that, I knew the media was full of shit and could never be trusted again.

Also, leaving California and moving to Idaho really opened up my eyes. Conservatives are so much more fun and polite to be around.

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Bwahahaha. Someone also posted this on reddit and the mods locked it down within 5 minutes.

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Desperation and misery is all these fools have. They will never defeat love and hope.

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Pretty much what every leftist feels like on the inside.

Source: was once a leftist.

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Loved that he beat up Tyron "legalize being black" Woodley. What a douche.

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"And you get a demon! You get a demon! You get a demon! EVERYONE GETS A DEMON!"

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