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This is one of those dog faced pony soldiers that Biden is so afraid of.

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The weak shall ruin the earth.

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Meanwhile, a nurse that works at a retirement home in Kansas went to a wedding with 400 people, caught Covid19 there, and then immediately went back to work and infected the entire population of the retirement home with wuhan flu. Now my great aunt and uncle, who are both in their late 80's have it.

But this isn't about wearing a mask... it's about not being an incompetent "health care worker" that wouldn't even bother to get tested, or do a week or two of self quarantining after being around 400 people who live all across the country. If your job is to provide medical care to the people who are actually vulnerable to this shit, then take these fucking precautions. Fucking nurses are not heroes, especially stupid ones like this.

If you're just an average person that isn't around high risk people, go about your fucking lives as usual. The mask isn't going to do shit, it's a placebo.

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Verily. Thus the world learned that the shag carpeting matched the shag drapes.

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The Kancel Kulture Komrads.

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...and then he'll spend the rest of eternity shoving pineapples up their asses.

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"My mom is a crack whore and my dad is the State of Illinois" is the problem.

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Still impacted... you didn't see the part that brought you to the video in the first place because you didn't want to listen to the rambling first.

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I always felt that the Redskins logo honored the Indians as warriors.... BUUUUUUUT THAT'S RAAAAAYCISS.

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Three days before leaving office, Obama commuted the death sentence of Dwight J. Loving.

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If you really want to be angry, look at the commutation by Obama of Dwight J. Loving 3 days before he left office.

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Sure it does... it makes you waste 9 minutes waiting for them to get to the point.

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First thing I see on this is some fruity faggot taking their 5 year old daughter to a riot... 9am and already the world ain't right.

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