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Organized by Communists

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) was organized in 1936 by a caucus of Communist Party USA (CPUSA) lawyers assisted by the International Labor Defense (ILD), an American agency of the Comintern (Communist International).

They've done a lot of damage over the years.

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He will be taken down rapidly unless he puts some wire on the roof and gets up there.

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Jesse Lee Peterson Said just that this morning!

He also said they're trying to create South Africa in the United States, and white people better wake up and vote these people out before you're enslaved. They're gonna pass laws to restrict you. Take your land, Your Job. ETC.


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Mayor FREY" Let The City Be Destroyed Fucking Terrorists ran the whole Third precinct of cops out of their HQ building


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Two Terrorist Organizations. Not as Spontaneous as I was led to believe. I smell Clowns and Soros.

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Small Business collects small volumes of sales taxes. Big Box stores collect tons of loot, so this looks like an excellent way of destroying small businesses while maintaining your tax inflow.

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