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Just deleted my account, wasn’t using Parler anyway with how shitty it is to find content.

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Lost a friend too, but realized that anybody like that was never really your friend anyway.

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What’s sad is that a bunch of these retard rioters actually believe what Twitter/CNN/DNC told them about the Breonna Taylor Case.

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The boycott is easy for me. I started to lose interest a while ago and couldn’t sit through a full game, so now I just ignore it altogether

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Why helicopters though? Seems inefficient.

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This election will be a defining moment for America. The bipartisan bullshit promises on various wedge issues is over, this is simply pro-America vs anti-America.

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Fake News is going to have trouble spinning this.

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I cut the cord this week, saving a ton of money with streaming tv instead of cable with expensive sport tie-ins.

I stopped going to NFL games a couple years ago and now MLB is going to get the same treatment. $100+ a seat for family or a group of friends just isn’t worth it.

Might not be the best idea, but that extra money is going into horse racing, gold/silver, and call/put options.

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He has a private security team? If only there was something like a public security team that worked for everyone.

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I used to be a lefty, drank the Kool-Aid in college and ended up wasting a lot of time and money on a worthless degree. To make a long story short, my liberal professors enjoyed acting like Earth’s saviors but basically just needed to fill their bullshit classes so they would get a paycheck. Then their students make it into the real world with a large amount of debt, a degree that has no use in the real world, and end up filling out job applications at Target and Starbucks...

I switched gears and life is much better now, but wish I would have thought independently (and rationally) a lot sooner.

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Awesome news. Get woke go broke.

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Black Conservatives are White and White Liberals are Black, why is that so hard to understand Nazis!?

  • Some SJW
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I don’t know who Corn Pop is, but should I trust Biden that he’s a bad dude?

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The more you know

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Democrats only used #MeToo as a political weapon, they never gave a dam about victims.

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Democrats have no morals and no logic.

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The Media and Democrats need Trump and Republicans to get as little credit as possible.

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