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Pretty sure he already said he was selecting a black transsexual drag queen and Cuomo only meets two of those prerequisites.

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It's truly scary how fast Construction Rights are being "suspended" by the liberal's response to covid19.

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One of the most ignorant comments I've ever seen.

Yes, diarrhea is one of the world's leading causes of death but virtually all those deaths are from impoverished nations without clean water or adequate sanitation. Hardly anyone dies of diarrhea in developed nations.

Leave it to Bitchell to demand a check for something that has zero impact on the American economy. But, what else would you expect from someone that ran a go fund me on a fraudulent pretense.

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Do to covid19 keeping everyone at home, internet traffic is at an all-time high and digital media is laying "journalists" off because they're not getting traffic?

So where was their traffic coming from before? My guess is a now unmanned bot farms. Fake news even faking themselves.

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The endangered batfrog is so rare that few people even know they exist and these f'ers are eatin' 'em.

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It's almost like all these democrap governors and mayors are just trying to inflict as much economic damage as possible.

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He should try loudly criticising Xi Jinping and see how that works out for him.

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I saw pics and videos of people buying multiple skids of toilet paper. Even if they could eventually use it all they'll be giving up allot of home space to store it. Personally, I wouldn't want half a room filled with TP as I slowly use it over the next few decades.

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People screwed over their fellow citizens by buying it all up with the intention of reselling it at grotesquely inflated prices.

Online marketplaces tell 'em to F' OFF and shut them down for price gouging.

Now stuck with thousands of dollars of product they decide they'll just return it and get their money back.

Cosco also tells 'em to F' OFF and refuses to take it back.

Hoarders got exactly what they deserve. If they wanna save a little face they'd donate it to local organizations that actually need it.

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The secret is that there were no subpoenas. Only the judiciary can issue subpoenas. Schiffy just simply requested phone records and the phone companies freely handed it over.

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The “supplemental” proposal, which builds on a previous effort, would remove from consideration or downweight thousands of scientific papers by public health scientists when the raw data behind these studies cannot be made public.

AKA, Climate "science." The climate cult quit sharing their raw data years ago because they kept getting caught falsifying results. They don't even share their methodology anymore. It's the reason I don't believe anything they say. If you're not willing to release your data and methodology you're hiding something.

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Who believes this bullshit?

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FUCK BITCHELL!!! How many times does someone have to be embarrassingly wrong before people stop listening.

Sessions is our guy, trust the plan. Blah blah blah.

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