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Cause we are an mini-version of USA, we envy someone like Trump at the moment. We are tired of our left biased newsoutlets, fed up with corona rules, fed up with immigration.

Also in Netherlands there's an big silent majority which get demonized if they state their voices about these problems, or if they chose to vote for FvD/PVV. You get canceled and also called an racist right away.

Trump is an great patriot, everyone should stand up for their country, nationalism ain't bad. It has nothing to do with racism.

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Here in the Netherlands they are believing it. We are affected by all the Trump hate, we have the same young left biased "journalists" which have all the hashtags like BLM/FuckTrump and such in their twitter profiles.

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Also here in the Netherlands, same story, people are starting to wake up tho. We have our own "nancy pelosi" case here from people in politics that ignore the rules set by themselves. Yet we get fines and a note which can actually make you find jobs harder due to you ignoring corona rules one time.

Our "MSM" is also very anti-Trump, its also the same journalists which are young and all very left wing based.

If you support either FvD or PVV you will get demonized, you will get canceled, you are an racist, you get labeled, if you say immigration isn't working as they wanted you are an racist.

There is this thing where our MSM makes us think the hospital people are busy all day in and out but this is far from the truth, due to corona elderly people are scared to go towards the hospital for other problems.

The elderly are so scared of corona they are dying from other causes, because they are unwilling to go towards the hospitals, legs have to be amputated because elderly are scared to go to the hospital. There are far less cancer diagnoses this year due to people straight up ignoring it and thinking corona is more important, like we should not treat or body unless its corona.

Corona is being used for political reasons in the Netherlands, and prolly all around the world right now, in 2018 we had far more deaths in the flu season than with corona. The thing is they will blame it on "the lockdown" that we have had less deaths then 2018. But the fact is, we can never know, because we don't know the numbers if we didn't go into lockdown. Maybe it would have been the same.

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youtube will remove this video fo SHO

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This is from an post of Prince Andrew at Epstein's island, no one talks about Bill Clinton. When you talk about Bill Clinton, they get very mad.

They all want Trump to be involved.

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Read the comments: even 7 months ago: **I can't seem to find this video by searching, it seems that Youtube wants to inundate you with MSM spam. **

It's youtube,twitter,google search engine, facebook.. everything is anti Trump. Over here in mah little country people hate Trump because the media here also hates Trump. Cause he ain't no globalist. And we europeans must admire globalists or else ur an racist nationalist.