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What I LOVE about this website, is that us 'normal' people can post these little reminders of FAITH, (without getting eaten alive)...SO THANKS for this !

IMHO, Nothing is better than doubling down, adding in Thanks & Praise. I Do think that there's a number who have been praying all along, I mean how else could we have gone some 80 days MANDATED by the Unprecedented Godless state to not worship, find solace in Churches at a time when it's needed most, sacraments banned, counsel of faith leaders, then have it suddenly REVERSED by 1) the President 2) the manifesting of the demonic in the streets.

To me it's proof it wasn't rhetoric when he said I will turn their Evil into Good.

Really our prayer helped select our president, it has shored up his bulwarks, turned the Evil Thrown at him from all sides to good, it is amazing how much has been thrown at him and every time it evaporates & exposes the Evil Accusers. If that's not Divine intervention IDK what is ?

Surely Some little thing would have stuck with the constant barrage, yet it does not.

Yep, Pray and Pray some more, in Pairs, in Congregations, Bind the demonic & thwart it's Purpose, Give Thanks & LIVE !

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If I am not mistaken, THATS where he gets the Power to DECLARE Antifag a Terrorist Org... while the pundits all wonder if it's constitutional HAHAHAHAHA!

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The Rot of Communism reaches even the Vatican.

Oh Well, We Win in the End, Even a miscreant Bishop cannot shake Faith that's on a Solid Foundation.

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Just a little graphic I put together today

What Else can a Pede do until Law & Order is Restored ?

Thinking of Getting this made as a mag sign for my tailgate ...

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Exactly, It also fits their pathological modus operandi that they must forewarn what they are doing (georgia guidestones et al)

Ten Seasons of Walking Dead -Murderous Dystopia, Covid Lockdown 'asymptomatic "spreaders"' = never notice the mask freakout was after peak. YOU're killin grandma-while they dump infected in Nursing homes for better hospital stats.

Set the scene for it all -vicious flaming riots for george the criminal.

Then comes Biden with the ten horns, who will then give reign to Hillary? ...

They think this is going to work HAHAHAHAHA!

As the GoldenHaired President Calmly Walks to Church and Raises the Bible.

Dare they escalate from here ?

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Violence is the Soul of the Defeated Wit.

they are utterly Bankrupt, we have laws for this, it's not new,

The response will be steady & sure.

it still is a little weird though for the majority watching this unfold in our livingroom like a Walking Dead goes reality tv show... covidtainment.. Live entertainment of the OMG kind.

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Just Imagine when Employers know who & how you vote.

They already fire people for social media posts...

Then Again, it could be useful to avoid hiring the SJW & commies...

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The Wurm of Evil is obvious in their Minds.

They Just cannot hide it after a while, Even within their own group the turn and tear each other.

I find it Biblical that Biden is losing his damn mind before our very eyes.

While Justice Clarence Thomas, has a body of work that is LASTING with many years to go.

That the Dimms orchestrated & manipulated biden into their frontrunner, Well, it says it ALL about THEIR Minds, Does it not !?!

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I was thinking more like their best ideas came with a slice of Lemon ...

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  1. Term Limits for ALL of government, Congress, employees, except the supreme court.

  2. all interest earned by the Federal Reserve applied to the National Debt Quarterly -Eventually to rainy-day funds.

+) Yours are necessary too !

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88% of the homeless should be off the streets...

so the REST of US can Hit the BRICKS !

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In my neck of the woods, friday was an awesome 70's sunny day.

Parents and kids lined the streets like they would for a parade

lawn chairs, dads with sons, moms watching a BUNCH o'Kids, litte gangs hanging out together by signs & trees, Birds Chirping super-blue skies, laughing Playing, it's SPRING, the fear is losing it's grip, LIFE becons !

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yep, at least the medical societies are starting to call it out as abuse.

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can't be as bad as that trans-dance kid is gonna have it... Just Sayin'

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I am not an extraordinary Person. I am a happily retired older guy, A Glass half-full, positive person in General.

Today, I was in a great mood, the sun shing bright, beautiful spring Day. I noticed my Gas tank was nearing empty, so I ordered a Burger at the local joint, and drove out from the homestead to hit the gas station First then grab the burger.

I have supported local outfits, with take out orders etc, I think it's more important than ever to buy local.

The Gas Station I goto, is local, and mostly cheaper on gas, they have a thin margin made even thinner with low prices. So I filled my truck today some $35 which was previously north of $60 a fill. They 'know' me so even though the sign says pay first, I just wait and they turn the pump on, then I go in and pay like always.

Today was different.

Now, since this whole covid thing came about this person was an early adopter of the freakout. Been in a mask & Gloves, since IDK Early March when the government went insane. Had a gallon sized "community" hand sanitizer pump bottle sitting on a stool just as you open the door with all sorts of signs around explaining their "rules" which I didn't even read just walked around and went to the counter. They put a table in front of the counter to force you to stand back, which is ok fine. You still have to press that rancid green OK button and touch the card reader presumably as germy as pelousy's mind. not inconvenient it's just there.

Today was different, freaked out because I was not wearing a mask,
She mentioned that they are not allowing people in without a mask.

What bother's me is that reflexively, without so much as a thought nor anger I instantly responded "OK, I won't be coming in anymore."

THAT changed the Mood of both of us I am sure.

I don't care if YOU want to wear a mask and not protect your eyes nor ears two other droplet entry points.

I Don't care if the governor mandated that everyone wear masks stay six feet apart and wear clean underwear.

I don't care if you want to wear a clown suit and live like a victim your whole life.

That's Your Business.

When you try to make ME do ANY of that, or guilt trip me, Judge me, pressure me to do ANY of that.

It's apparently a reflex of mine to say OK, BYE.

You see, if the Governor creates draconian rulez for public behavior, and you are a biz subject to that well, then it's YOUR responsibility to push back on the Governor.

If the Governor has the powers to rule our private behavior, then you can be sure that I will be voting to change those laws and vote for people who will Prudently Govern not RULE.

If you continue with these asinine rules and regulations to the point that I can't function, I will personally sue the Governor for a $dollar on Principle not some because I can windfall.

If we all file a lawsuit for a dollar against asinine Governors and tyranical emergency powers, then they will have to decide the constitutionality of it all.

If we all vote to keep the commie left from ever reaching the bully pulpit, we can co back to ignoring their insanity.

I don't care to explain myself to some asshole who obviously cannot ever understand reality.

I Don't have to explain that even under the governor's rules I don't have to wear a mask because of MY comorbidities. Even if I did not have my 'technical' permission, I Will NOT COMPLY.

I will Walk AWAY, an at some point I will VOTE THEM AWAY !

I am an American, I am free to be stupid, or risk my life, and most of all BORN FREE !

Dear Biz owners: I am not alone, you will only find out, when I don't come in ANY more. "The Government's rules" is not your defense for confronting me. period end of sentence End of rant and the END of my consternation in confronting the leftist insanity that has become the American scene.

The Homemade mask is the new Pussy Hat...change my mind...

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I searched Justicedept.gov and maine US attorney sites nothing specific. It could be so new they havent posted anything yet (approx a month lag is looks like)

I think the tweet is a drive-by.

As AG before being gov, she must have dozens of cases with her monikker on them. as Gov, well she's accumulating more LOL

It could be a reference to the churches organizing for a class action, as well as biz doing so as well.

if it;s a legit tweet, is severely lacks details...

it's not even showing up on the only right maine site I can find: https://maineexaminer.com/category/news/mainenews/

The other maine papers are leftist rags touting fear, TDS, and feel good bullshit how to love state imposed lockdown. Of course the proper amount of shame & guilt about requiring your rights as citizens.

it's shocking how the lockdown is simply accepted. we barely see people enough to wave let alone catch anything. really though bankrupt the hospitals & state for 57-59 deaths so far.

it's a lefty wetdream

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Derby Day has been on my bucket list as long as I can remember, it's just Plain American FUN !

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It should be illegal for media companies to publish propaganda


Fun Fact: it WAS illegal until the Obama era...

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At this point I believe the mask is now a symbol.

A virtue Signal

A Political football

A visible symbol of compliance or lack of one rebellion.

That they add it Post-Peak to lockdown extensions is a slow-walk of reopen stages, a peer pressure divide & conquor distraction , a CYA move as cover for potential second wave surges.

I Think some sort of counter pressure to the mask is required

I chose the Lone Ranger Style because he was one of the Good Guys ! We could expand on that genre for this illistration of how silly a mask is at this point especially a home made mask. (although I am sure they are fun to make for very bored at home people)

What do you think ?

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So many additional thoughts...

IF this was created in a lab, then the proper gear especially for medical, is the same suit they wear in the p4 lab, the positive air pressure suit.

SCUBA could work since it's a closed system. also the firefighter respirators.

Typical Caustic Gas Masks could be retrofitted with micron filters smaller than the pathogen(s) aka p-100 cartridges.

But it's really not about the Pathogen anymore IMHO

It's political subterfuge, the media/Left used it as a cudgel to attack the WH, then walked from the subject when the defense procurement act solved that in weeks.

Now it's tacked onto stay home laws 46 days later, as either a feel-good for the masses, or a more sinister test for compliance. In less lawful Nation-states the lack of a mask already garners police beatings for non-compliance. Will they dare to impose fines & sentences here ?

The Something is better than nothing attitude is what has been driving this whole social economic political uproar, and IMHO no way to function in reality.

Help me out, with the whole emerging posturing around the Damnable Mask, homemade or N85 & beyond.

It can't be bio-war I think, because they would indeed REQUIRE the positive air suits to even deal with this or risk 1st tier medical personelle succumbing, Just look at initial responces in managing ebola.

So the mask, is just NOT about safety at this point.

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  1. Complies with Most Blue State -extended Lockdown Laws, to the letter, probably not their spirit.

  2. On Day 46 of the lockdown why are we required Masks in public now ?

  3. Since N95 are reserved for medical and Essentials, home-made cloth masks ONLY intercept approx 2% of airborne particles at best, and get you touching your face more.

  4. 46 days of shopping already & other Essential activities -UNPROTECTED ~ Masks Now are the Barn Door after the Horse is out.

  5. A HUGE Blue State Push into personal control, and an obvious test of compliance added onto extensions of draconian stay home laws.

This is an utter misapprehension of BASIC Virii & Pathogen BIOLOGY

Mucus Membranes of the body are the main entry points, EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, possibly ears since they are connected to the throat via eustachian tubes. Seriously what percentage exactly is a cloth mask covering ? Properly, you require a full face mask/respirator that seals it's perimeter to your face, with P-100 cartridges. or you ain't stopping shit. foam ear plugs would seal perhaps the last entry point. Then you need a method to remove said gear without contaminating yourself. Then disinfect & clean everything right down to the soles of your footwear, before entering your "safe" zone. if you're a shedder you are then re-breathing the pathogen(s) while in said gear.

If you're a shedder a cloth mask only prevents perhaps 2% from reaching your surroundings.

This seems like it has a correlation with a Yellow Star, comes to mind.

It's a clear instantly visible delineation of compliance within the herd.

How long before it is enforced ?

all at a time when the 'pandemic' appears to be declining, subsiding to at or below Flu Levels.

No my fellow Americans, the mask is something More.

This too, when in typical Blue States have emptied into the public, inmates from Jails & prisons, a population that wears masks in commission of crimes.

This is Leftist insanity Writ Large under the guise of mythical safety.

I think a movement could present the Question:


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