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I agree. Those of us who are patriotic feel a stringer brotherhood than ever before.

We need to stick together. If one of us gets "canceled", we need to employ eachother, and give one another opportunity.

We need to have each other's backs! And I have everyone's back here.

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I never believed in Q, but have always been very interested.

If it all turned out to be true, I'd be absolutely shocked... But hey, we all understand here how crazy the war behind the scenes is currently.

Reality is stranger than fiction, and if Trump isn't a liar, and is who he says he is... Then he is fighting a serious war right now, and working to destroy corruption.

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Trump wants us to stop destroying our history, defend ourselves with firearms freely, not have schools be teaching kids to hate life, and recognize that there is a movement to eradicate USA all together...not wanting people to have their lives destroyed for "wrong think"...

The other people? Want to destroy history they dislike, teach kids things in a very political, opinionated nature, not allow people to defend themselves with guns (just allow authority figures to possess them), encourages cancel culture and justifies hating anyone they don't see eye to eye with, ect...

So, who sounds like Hitler out of the two descriptions???

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Our ancestors dealt with much worse than this. They had all gone through WAR. But we know for a fact they'd be on our side.

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Sorry, I should have sprayed it white because his ancestors were slave holders!

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So, as you can see, I put some MAGA hats on them for some silly pictures!


That is not protesting. That is illegal. Thanks to our great national guard and local police forces for clearing house!

Magaman001142 4 points ago

I was there! Fuck these people! If the cops and national guard would one day look the other way, is patriots would flip those vans over the damn hill!

These jackasses are hilarious. They truly fail to understand what they are doing is completely counter productive, and is destroying their own causes.

Stay safe everyone! Have a great Independence Day!

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That's true, but I feel this Pede! When I have kids one day, I don't want them seeing curse words at TOO young of an age. But Trump is great! And hilarious.

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Check it out! Word is Trump himself will make a surprise appearance!

Also, lots of MAGA celebrities have been confirmed!

The Deplorable Choir, rapper Bryson Gray, famous meme maker Carpe, and many others!

Trumps official campaign application has a few events listed... They have the 3rd of July "rally" listed.

Now they have a 4th of July "salute to America" listed!

Meaning, Trump has a big show in store for all of us that has been kept under wraps!

Magaman001142 1 point ago

Dang, does he have any extras by any chance?!

Magaman001142 16 points ago

I'm here too! Anyone have a Mt Rushmore ticket, or can I ride n anyone's car with you?

Its my dad and I! Two BIG patriots! We will give you some Trump 2020 flags =)

Also, to anyone who cannot get a ticket, there is another HUGE event the day after, on 4th of July in Rapid City.

Its an event with Live Races, Live Music, Food, Drinks, ect...

Then, word is Trump himself will make a surprise appearance, and give a salute to America!

Next, the flyer for this event says "MEET YOUR FAVORITE MAGA CELEBRITIES!".

Can't wait to see yall there! I think tickets are $50-60

Magaman001142 49 points ago

Friend, are you still in South Dakota?!? There is a HUGE event in Rapid City on the 4th, day after the 3rd Mt Rushmore event.

This event on the 4th is in Rapid City, tickets are $50... Word IS Trump himself will make a surprise appearance!

Live races, live music, food, drinks, and the flyer even says "MEET YOUR FAVORITE MAGA CELEBRITIES".

If you are here, come to this event! If anyone is around here, hit me up, I'll share the event info with you!

This event is why I came from NY to here!

Magaman001142 1 point ago

Firework show will be July 3rd.

The 4th, there is "MAGA" event at Black Hills Speedway in Rapid City South Dakota, 20 miles form Mt Rushmore...

Quiet word is Trump himself will do a salute to America here!

I'm going! I WISH I could find tickets for the Mt Rushmore show though. So bummed I can't go...

Magaman001142 2 points ago

I believe the purpose states are leaning red.

And luckily, most of the crazed liberals live in huge, far left cities.

These kinds of liberals you see making all this noise already live in the big cities, and therefore their voices aren't all that important on an electoral stand point.

Think. Where do we see the liberal whack jobs going off?

Washington DC, Chicago, LA, NYC, Portland, ect... Always the big cities.

These cities already lead their entire states electoral votes to go to any Democrat in existence.

Point? This is a major red pill to the purple states.

Luckily the most crazed liberals nationwide like to live in the big cities, which won't help them in the upcoming elections.

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You guys are amazing!

Can we possibly set up our own system for crowd funding specific causes or people in need?

US conservatives need to stick together more than ever, and need to help employ the canceled, outspoken patriots!

Magaman001142 1 point ago

If they did this, and it actually took off, we ALL know it would be purchased by the DNC.

It would be infiltrated by the DNC.

Or, it won't take off at all.

Its one or the other, and that's it.

Magaman001142 3 points ago

About damn time!

It was always quite unfair to hire based on degrees... All jobs belong to those who are simply best equipped!

Best equipped doesn't always mean a degree. Sure, a degree proves SOME things... But it's like this...

A business degree doesn't make you any better than a no degree having businessman who is sucesfull

Intelligence and college education DO NOT go hand in hand with many forms of work!

Magaman001142 23 points ago

The only REAL hate crimes I've heard of locally, are punk kids spray painting swatiskas as a complete joke, with absolutely no relation to hating Jews or nazism.

That, and people calling other people faggots, with no way of knowing the person is gay.

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I can't find tickets for the July 3rd Mt Rushmore sadly, as 125,000+ people wanted to go, and the lottery only had 7k or so to offer...

So, I'm going to the next best thing, if not even better!

A girl I know who works with an activist group called "Demand Free Speech" says Trump will make a surprise appearance and speech here!

And according to the flyer, we will get to see some "MAGA Celebrities"!

Who else is going? Tickets are $50!

I see $150 tickets include meeting special guests... But I'm not sure if that means racers, or MAGA celebrities/Trump....

Magaman001142 2 points ago

Go to his Instagram account and leave comments calling him a racist white supremacist.

Call him out for black face, using the N Word multiple times, and imitating African Americans to make fun of them.

Flood him with these types of comments. Fuck him

Magaman001142 70 points ago

Good. Fuck Seattle.

I'm fully with Trump on the whole "let it burn" mentality.

These rioters aren't reaching anywhere outside of their own liberals shit holes.

Sure, it's sad seeing beautiful monuments destroyed.

But ya know what? Fuck it. We will build new ones, in cities and states that have respectful people, who won't simply destroy something they dislike.

Magaman001142 22 points ago

You'd be surprised how many suburb white people support this bullshit...

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