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I thought democrat voters were against owning rifles like these? So, is gun control obsolete now lol? Or are they all gonna vote for people who vow to take those exact firearms away?

Next, it was republicans who brought USA equality.

The longest filibuster in American history was the Democrats fighting the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The parties never "switched". They both drastically changed, yes. As our whole world changed.

With that said, the democratic party has always supported abortion. That is a key issue we don't just up and change our minds on.

The parties never flip flopped at all.


Obama, Biden, and Hillary all PRAISED the oldest senator in history, Robert Byrd.

Robert Byrd was an old democrat man, who was also a former KKK Grand Wizard.

And Obama praised him in a eulogy at his funeral.

Hillary said he was a great mentor to herself.

So, we have these people literally praising a racist old democrat who was a KKK leader.

People don't know their history, and that's why most blacks vote blue. Mainly because of the welfare state democrats created, making generations of minorities dependent on the governments TIT.

. If we ever want to open up the minds of black Americans, and make them a diverse voting block like white Americans are (whites sometimes majority vote blue, sometimes majority vote red. Never constant).

Black's vote 90%+ blue.

Why? Welfare state. I've witnessed generations of black Americans who live off of Government welfare.

Many who choose that life, are lazy as fuck, will always live in a shit hole, and will never have any pride or accomplishment.

It's a shitty way to live, and is bad for black people, not good.

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I can't stand how liberals act as if the children are being punished.

We MUST punish the adults. If we don't, then why the fuck wouldn't EVERYONE ON EARTH come to USA illegally?

We need to prosecute them.

Why don't liberals care about the millions of American kids separated from their parents?

Break the law, and your family gets broken up.

The kids of illegal aliens do not have families in USA to place them with.

They are often not related to the fake families they migrated with.

Over 20% of kids with alleged parents do not share the DNA.

Where do you put migrant kids of yoy arrest their parents for breaking our laws?

No place in USA. Possibly no place in Mexico. It's not an easy situation.

We are humane as a fuck. Back in time, we'd likely have just dropped them off in Mexico with no fucks given.

The kids are in these facilities for their own safety, and that's a fact.

It isn't to punish them. It isn't locking them in cages.

People are against impirsoning illegal aliens, yet are perfectly fine with imprisoning people who trespass onto private property. Nobody argues against that.

If we simply allowed families to stay if they had kids, it's like saying "oh, you hopped the fence into Disney world with your wife and 4 kids, and two cousins? Well, you got in, so toy get to stay with no punishment!".

Imagine if businesses had the leftist mantra.

Imagine it. Would YOU pay to go to Disney? I sure as fuck wouldn't.

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Yes. Trump makes some blatantly terrible picks. Not sure why.

Not sure if he has no choice, if he thinks they are good, or if he wants them in his sites.

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Interesting. It makes sense that black people would be most likely to improperly fill out the necessary fields for a mail in ballot.

Less education / less common sense = more ballots denied.

That's one reason I'd never do a mail in ballot, among many others.

I'm no dummy, but mistakes happen when filling out a document you've never seen before.

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Must be one of the authentic, well made ones!

I've got one too! Very nice flags!

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It's bit replacing Ginsburg.

It's filling an empty seat.

Big difference I'd say.

It's like if a president dies. We don't replace them. Will fill the empty seat with the next in line.

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I dropped Netflix 2+ years ago. As soon as Obama's cabinet got involved, I left.

And I knew it was loaded with BS propaganda!

I don't pay for any corporate media!

Listen, if you really love some tv shows and movies to relax to, then get IPTV.

Look it up on YouTube. Look up "what is IPTV".

I pay $10 a month. I get ALL TV channels, including pauper view, HBO, all that crap I never watch.

Thousands of movies, TV shows, and more! Even porn lol.

I pay $10 per month, AND I get 5 connections, so I share with my parents home, and my brother!

So, we usually all chip in $5 a month here and there when we remember. I don't mind paying for it myself either.

And the best part? Is that ZERO $ GOES TO THE MEDIA GIANTS! Iptv is like downloading music without paying.

Fuck the major media. Fuck Disney. Fuck fox. Fuck Comcast. Fuck all of the media giants!

I don't ever want to give them a penny! The $10 a month goes to some random group of guys who break some laws to provide people like me with their service.

I DO however pay for things like One America News, to support the news station!

I DO pay for media produced by true patriots! I won't steal from good guys! I will help build them up!

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I love how much Trump supporters love Ron Paul.

Back when I was a teen in highschool, I loved Ron Paul. The way he was silenced by the media was Soo unfair!

Ron had the ideas and personality to really be loved by moderates... And radicals, across the board!

He had radical, but amazing and common sense ideas. Things others would never dare to talk about.

But the media treated him as a joke, and he didn't have the means to break through that like Trump did.

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Thanks for the advice!

I'll actually be buying a custom build from a dope local gun shop that focuses on AR15S, m4s, and other fun rifles!

They hate Cuomo and the BS safe act, so they are on the same page as you are, and will steer me in a direction to do things the way I want to!

As you said, I can't have it connected, or disconnected, in a certain way. And I neverrrr will, okayyyyy?

Fuck New York!! The safe act prevents zero violent gun crimes! ZERO!

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People wanna say things like "Black people are poor and impoverished more often than whites! Their education options are worse! Unfair!"

Then simultaneously get upset at someone telling the truth, that black America has issues with being qualified for good paying careers.

It's a real problem, and should be addressed. You can't address that problem if you pretend it doesn't exist to begin with.

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Thank you! My pops has been searching for 9mm for weeks!

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Yup. And even learn how to build your own homemade firearms or bullets.

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Ha... That's gonna take multiple years friend.

I mean, corona was a major deal. But the leftist riots pushes the demand to skyrocket!

Hell, my own family is getting armed and buying ammo! Some for the first time in their 55 year long lives!

It's awesome.

Edit: in fact, just got my first! Think I'm gonna try and find a NYS Compliant ar15 for myself =)

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That's true, but I can tell the difference between a calm and collected conservative VS a hyped up whack job wearing a Maga hat!

That and, I will never be in the middle of these nasty mobs. I will stand my ground safely in my neighborhood, and defend those around me if need be. . I'll never approach the mob in the cities.

Although, I do go to DC occasionally, wearing a MAGA hat. I get harassed all day. Pisses me off u can't carry in DC

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Read a bit... I need to save and read all tomorrow! Great post so far! Really great!

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People are very stupid. They let their emotions surpass their logic.

That and, a lot of what we have learned is a lie. The truth about Hitler and Nazi Germany is a lot different than what I'd always believed...

With that said, those calling Trump a NAZI is jackasses. He's not similar to Nazis in bad, or good ways. None at all.

You'd have an actual point to claim Trump is an Israeli puppet, rather than call him a NAZI lol.

It's just crazy Trump is Israel's biggest ally of the 20tb century, and he is compared to a guy the world says tortured and murdered innocent Jews by the millions.

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Legit. I called my dad earlier to talk to him about the new text messages I read earlier from fbi agents.

I told him it's a really good sign that the intel agencies are actually taking this all seriously now, conducting honest investigations.

You see the FBI agent who came out saying he was the one who discovered 650k Clinton emailed on Anthony Weiners laptop?

And he was advised to delete EVERYTHING. Was threatened if he blew the whistle he'd be prosecuted..

He claimed he didn't want to be seen as a Clinton shill, and was very conflicted, but didn't want to upset the fbi.

He also claimed he didn't want to be seen as a Trump shill of he were to blow the whistle.

Well, point is, he is public now. Name and all. What's that tell us?

It tells us he isn't afraid anymore. That they won't prosecute him anymore. That things have changed!!! That the data he uncovered isn't being hidden from a truthful investigation!

At least that's what I gathered from all of this....

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That was so great to see. Was on OANN tonight. What great people who helped this man out.

Definitely a heart warming story. I love when the media covers good deeds.

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My names Chris, and for a second, I was thinking "wtf, how's this guy know my name?!? Must be a crazy hacker"...

Then realized you are talking about Wray Hahaha

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I agree, but I will say, let's pretend Trump is truly pursuing treason charged against a former president.

He says that word alll the time. Treason. He throws that strong accusation around often.

So, is Trump misleading us? Is he over reacting? Or is it all true?

I think it's all true. If it's all true, I wouldn't put anything beyond being theatre.

I personally don't think Sessions was a good guy for us.

But, if we are seriously looking at possible treason charges for anh household names, then running a phony senate seat campaign really wouldn't be jack shit in the grand scheme of things.

I don't Beleive that to be what is happening, but I pray Trump is not misleading us at all, and that he has things being looked at honestly and objectively.

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Well, they could be "republicans" in the sense that they like endless war, globalism, and losing!

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