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Are we not doing shitpost flair anymore??

It doesn’t make it less funny,

It just makes it “not fake news.“

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Listen, fat… fingers…


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I am for legal immigration too, but against wholesale displacement of critical professional sectors of our fellow countrymen.

Colleges could be incentivized to increase the numbers of new American doctors or programmers, instead of the bullshit degrees that these (federally subsidized) institutions are pumping out.

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You’re reading my mind, Cap’n. It’s just so many levels of wrong, just being shoved out to the normies.

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No they are practicing socialist distancing. That’s a whole new type of distancing.

They distance you from your money.

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Hold up there, Hoss - they're only human!

You have to give them time to get their free shit. ...and the felonies - did you even consider the felonies? They're not gonna commit themselves.

Get back to work and pay more taxes, bigot.

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Wow, they really seem anxious to get here and start saving us from the definitely-not-a-bioweapon Chinese kung flu!

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Gods indeed – I don’t even think I’ve pushed submit yet... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks almighty goderators! 🤘

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… But that’s not how that works.

That’s not how that works at all. 😐

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Since when has China had a problem killing thousands of their own people?

The creation of the virus was no accident – it was engineered. Watch the first 10 minutes of this stefan molyneux podcast interview https://youtu.be/J6VEYzwSdZU.

China was either highly negligent with their bio engineered virus, or guilty of bio warfare – one or the other.

You thinking they won’t “kill their own people” doesn’t really enter into it, IMO.

Magafactured [S] 6 points ago

The timing of it is impeccable

This. We may or may not find out exactly who pulled this trigger, but the timing - fuck.

A trigger was pulled.

This is “Jeffrey Epstein on suicide watch“ levels of are you fucking kidding me.

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