MagaMotherFucker [S] 1 point ago

If you’re adrenaline is going, you’d be surprised how much power your hits can have.

MagaMotherFucker [S] 3 points ago

I’m talking about punching. That’s why I said “less than lethal”

MagaMotherFucker [S] 3 points ago

Right?! I’ll be damned if a bitch comes up and takes my shit down. Like the TPUSA table that got torn apart by a couple of obese fucksticks. Dude, I’ll get expelled and get jumped by 50 before I just sit back and let a bitch tear my shit up.

Touch me or my shit, it’s on. No talking, no bullshit. It’s fuckin hands

MagaMotherFucker [S] 12 points ago

I dont give a fuck what anyone says, I expect my boys to fuck up anyone who puts their hands on them. No fuckin rules, no talking. Somebody puts their hands on you, make them regret it.

MagaMotherFucker [S] 3 points ago

While I’m ok with him red-pilling the masses, I don’t trust him. I mean, when he’s simply talking about stuff, he knows what he’s talking about and is educated and informed. Yet still holds socialist leanings like supporting Bernie.

On one hand he’ll explain in great detail how Bernie and socialism don’t work, and then turns around and says he would vote for him.

I don’t trust that shit dude.

MagaMotherFucker [S] 4 points ago

I’m gonna say what a lot of us are thinking: if they try to undo the 2020 election Trump will no doubt win, we will need to march on Washington and remove them from office. No matter what, they have to learn that our votes are above all else. Win or lose, votes are sacred and the key to freedom.

MagaMotherFucker [S] 14 points ago

I haven’t deleted my shit yet, because I’m going to continue shitposting and stirring the pot until the election. And I’ll keep it so I can continue to watch them eat themselves alive

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I think the downvote button is only for when fucking libtards get lost and wander in here unattended by their autobot

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Haha. “Stop, I can only get so erect”

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My cousins are half Filipino. My uncle married was in the US army when he met their mom in Hawaii. That was fucking 45 years ago

MagaMotherFucker [S] 7 points ago

I got fuckin banned from guns quickfast and in a hurry.

MagaMotherFucker [S] 6 points ago

I feel like we are gonna run wild for a few days like kids when parents go out of town, but eventually calm down and start being productive. Haha.