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Sidney Powell is our last hope for justice in the legal system in this country. God bless and protect her.

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I'm not a Petty fan anymore, since Trump used this song at a rally, and the Petty Estate denounced his use of the song, saying it "was written for the American working man" and that Trump "doesn't represent them."

Which is complete and total cuckery and I don't support it.

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Somebody on the show said she somehow looks like Beetlejuice from Howard Stern and Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice were morphed into the same person

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get the fuck out of here bitch.

also, Donald Trump is your president.

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To be fair, I'm a Delaware voter, and Delaware was one of the only states with 0 switched or lost votes from that huge happening post from the other day. The voting system was interesting, as I showed ID and received a paper with a barcode. I then fed the paper into the touch screen voting machine, chose my candidates (red down ticket), and then it printed on the paper. I was able to see the piece of paper and approve it before it was fed into the machine, where I guess ballots are collected for counting. I'm in New Castle County, which is almost always a blue county and the reason Delaware goes blue all the time. But Kent County has gone red about half the time, since 1912.

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In the second tweet from Ron, he spells Republican correctly, and then he spells RepubIican with a capital i for the L. He explains that in this way, a bad actor can game the system to not recognize RepubIican with an i, but the voter wouldn't know the difference.

In Trump's tweets, he writes WEiL, instead of WELL, noting that he knows what these slimy fucks are doing.

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Bitch and moan to somebody else. This isn’t the place.

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I have! I joined Reddit so that I could join the_donald at a few hundred subs and I’ve seen it all.

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REPORT TO TWITTER FOR TARGETED HARASSMENT. If we all do it, twitter might have an automatic failsafe or something that suspends the account until it's reviewed. Worth a shot.

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Too many fake, fraudulent, illegal, or unauthorized ballots to legitimately call the election. Throw all those out and only count the legitimate, provable votes.

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Secret Service said location was too dangerous, on their way to a different location

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