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All i want to know is how many times will we bail out auto industries when they continue to charge insane prices for new vehicles. Lower the price of vehicles and maybe business will do better. And maybe we wont hold grudges against them like we are now over this whole ventilator ordeal.

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CNN: "Trumps cancer cure is wreaking havoc on the pharmacy industry, heres why its better to keep your cancer and skip the cure."

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Its weird how celebrities have become this one big cult of people trying to act like they are our moms and dads and shit. Like they are a bunch of saints here to save the world. It makes me cringe.

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I would assume their whole life is a act. Probably why they become actors and actresses, they are fake and know how to pretend.

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Im conflicted when it comes to california and the corona virus. Because i cant help but feel that most of californias issues stem from before the virus. I mean the virus sure doesnt help, but the steadily decline of california has been well known for a while now. This virus is just speading up the process. Get out while you can pede.

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Im not going to lie, sometimes i forget there is more to this world than America. But its not out of pride, i just dont really care to know whats going outside of the USA unless it affects me personally.

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This is what happens when we turn to social media sites as a main form of communication that are privately owned communication sites. I hate to say it, but this was the plan all along, and we didnt even see it coming. Facebook, twitter, google, youtube, and many others.... all get to decide what you say, post, and talk about. Make no mistake our advancements in technology for communication has been turned against us and now used as a tool. From cell phones to the internet.

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You know, not to stray off topic. But i see these tweets Trump makes, and for every tweet i always see a plethora of nasty replies. No matter how positive or enlightened the tweet is. Im sure to believe that when our timeline becomes a piece of history for a distant future, and were all dead, generations will look back thinking, holy fuck liberals and democrats were insane during this particular president. Because they will be taught all of our documented history, and will learn of much worse times before our time. But never will they see a witch hunt and movement made during any president in our past than what was done to Trump. If history is on our side, they will learn and know just how nasty democrats and the deep state can become. And i hope this will change the way things work in the future. We must learn from this.

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I was just about to say this until i seen your comment. I have even found myself arguing with foreigners pretending to be from America. I mean its obvious what it really is. They wish they were like Americans and living in a beautiful country like ours.

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My bank is closed to the public. You have to make an appointment, and even so, they will only let you take a certain amount of money out. Atms are sucked dry at my bank. To me thats a sure sign the government is slowley fucking us and using this virus as an excuse.

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All i know is i see a opportunity for us to capitalize on toilet paper for these scum.

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God: I will give you beef, chicken and pork to eat.

Chinese people: Nah im good, im just going to eat these snakes, bats and rats.

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To be honest, it might be best to catch anyways while youre young and get it out of the way so your body can build up a immunity for the next strain.

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I thought the thumbnail was a black spez at first lol

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  1. Most of the worlds toilet paper is made in the USA.
  2. Buy out all the toilet paper manufactured.
  3. Prevent the chinese, mexicans and muslims from wiping their ass
  4. Have Trump make a huge toilet paper deal with them to prosper us.
  5. Profit.
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Most people have the memory span of a gold fish. Its not that they contradict themselves as if its a oopsie, they just dont care and know people wont be phased. For what good is swallowing a red pill if its the size of a football anyways. Best better to stick to your iphone game or your fav youtuber channel. Nothing to see here....

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gets struck by lightening to cover up any evidence.

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Ask most people if they would be willing to pay $20 dollars out of their check each week for free health care and you would be amazed on how many people would say yes and not catch on.

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That would be my luck, i finally get to travel to a nice oceanic beach, prop up my chair, open up a fresh beer, and a fucking coconut shoots me in the back of the head because i have info leading to hillary clinton's arrest.

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