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Obama bitching about people locking their cars when he was nearby, blaming it on RACYSUM. That's right. You can't lock your shit because a Commie demands free access

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Hey OP, does TheDonald.win own https://maga.host ? I see only $0.99 was donated to the weekly goal of $10 and I think I'm going to help out! Maybe use this as the main image host?

techied receives $0.09 per week from 1 patron. Goal: $10.00

If you would like to support my development efforts, and help keep maga.host alive (including the addition of new features like video sharing, file uploading, and galleries), then you may donate here.I don't wish to accept more money than is required for server costs. Any excess will go directly to the Trump campaign.

If you do choose to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. As a student, this support means a lot to me.

Edit: I just spotted the admin post here about this https://thedonald.win/p/GbyB9zPC/dev-magahost-additional-domain/c/

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Rest assured however, we will not de-platform you, remove your content simply because it may question a particular narrative or upset someone else's point of view. Yes we have guidelines and standards but as certain platforms have shown recently, some individuals having their channel removed from certain platforms...we simply would not do that! So we say...join our platform and share what you have with the rest of the World.

Neat they say that up front. But it's UK-based so they're subject to their nonsense laws. I'll try this one out

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The stats are almost the same as the late 90's. Think about that.

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At least you know your place isn't at the front lines. Send a prayer to our pedes in harms way

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By a wild animal. Rule doesn't apply. And about those rules, that commies don't give a fuck about, feel free to continue abiding by them

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Sure it's true

-Demonrats have been in bed with the CCP for decades (Bill Clinton, Hildebeast Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Dr Fauci, etc)

-Both (Demonrats & CCP) hate Trump

-Both hate a Constitutional Republic America

-2020 Election year

-Demonrats blocked the border wall

-Demonrats blocked banning immigration from certain nations

-Demonrats don't support HCQ to cure

I mean how many pieces of evidence do you need? Demonrats aren't ever going to admit "yes we took advantage of the CCP virus, made it worse, to make sure Drumpf loses"

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I mean look, they don't want to cure AIDS or stop the spread of mosquitoes that can carry malaria either. The Clinton Foundation and Haiti. It's called Socialism and money laundering ponzi schemes

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RICO !!!

Follow the money and behead the snakes

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Greek disability groups expressed anger Monday at a government decision to expand a list of state-recognized disability categories to include pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs.

The National Confederation of Disabled People called the action "incomprehensible."

That's what Socialism will do: incomprehensible actions

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But they're anti-American and don't deserve to include the word

"Global Social Communist Nazis" perhaps

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VPN fixes that: many have their apps on the streaming device as well. Just avoid the "free" VPN as they sell your data you transmit through their server

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