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Liberty so much more appropriate. Won't happen until people stop snitching to the FBI.

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Just because a state has a democratic governor doesn't mean they are in total control. These states have mostly GOP legislators.

scroll back to 51:51 at 819 est time


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We should raid Reddit and take over non banned conservative subreddit's on the off chance that it doesn't hold. /r/conservative, and /r/donaldtrump are live still and might not even have the suppression algo applied to it.

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Why are all of u/kek_saved_the_worlds posts about jews? Someone seems obsessed... Mods how many times do I have to report this guy posting 4chan fudd nonsense about jews before you delete his account? Every other screen shot has something about jews in it.

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More pictures came out this morning that basically show penetration. That's probably what shadowman3000 is talking about. The others are questionable. But this one is hard to say it's not CP.

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4chan basically confirmed that natalie is in dozens of those photos.

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What exactly is crossing the line? I have to assume the one with the foot job is the one that the mods are referring to right?

a few legal pedes are saying that if the minor isn't identified and all sex organs are blurred that it's ok... but this whole situation is sketch as fuck.

edit: apparently there's a photo showing "almost penetration" out this morning. the ass of the girl CLEARLY is not an adults ass.

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Announce a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden the PEDO!

edit: seems to be related to china chasing down innocent people across the globe for dissident thought.

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This is the stuff we need to be pushing hard on social media. The child abuse stuff should be the most concerning but people are too jaded to believe it. This is just straight up proof that Hunter and the Biden's are FUCKING CORRUPT. It's in his own words.

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I still think it matters that Hunter fucked his niece, predatory behavior like that has been demonstrated by Joe IN PUBLIC against minor females many times. Hunter learned that behavior from somewhere. Also he knew his Niece was getting molested.

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It is when the powers that be and the election officials all hate you and don't want you there.

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Bobulinski better not get arrested or suicided before 9PM tonight.

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These are the same people that always claiming we're on the wrong side of history. The ones worshipping satan in order to continue their ritual human sacrifice.

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It also also for the rape of non islamic women. But I'm sure these retards would be like "That's (D)ifferent!"

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Anyone have the full video of Sam talking to those two girls at the beginning? I would love to see that.

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How much you guys want to bet that the FBI will swoop in and arrest Bobulinski before he gets on the show tonight?

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