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Modern times call for modern tactics, my frenz.

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Imagine being such a dumb fuck that you don't realize that we are different than you.

Petty personal attacks on appearance have nothing to do with substance of argument and talent.

You, being a retard with zero substance, intellect or personal depth, would never understand.

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We go deep and hard, like Michael with Barry. Got banned once, maybe we can make it twice?

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Welcome to every day of my life since the election.

Greatest show on Earth - the highest stakes, the most villainous scum enemies and the best heroes.

The 2020 season has been crazy, can't wait for the finale when the good guys win.

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That's amazing because most leftists dont know how to decipher what they mean themselves.

They just regurgitate and swallow shit out of each others mouths like so many demented birds.

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As A force for grassroots change or TO force grassroots change?


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Remember: it is always a power grab with leftists.

What do COVID lockdowns, micro aggressions, equity, the policing of language, climate change, wealth redistribution, sustainability, gender equality, affirmative action and "common sense" gun laws have in common?

They are all apparently solved by some form of restriction on your civil liberties and an increase of your taxes.

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The ice cream flavor?

Chinese cock.

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You're good brother. It is indeed coming down to the wire. I share your concern, truley. We are in incredibly dangerous times. While there is a path to victory, it is by no means certain.

If the courts fail... there are nuclear options on the table. The tree of liberty must be watered.

I too have been around since the CisWhiteMaelstrom days... it's been a long strange journey to get here. I am glad to be riding the storm out with true Patriots. We may need each other more than ever in the days to come.

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Why the need for two accounts? So strange...

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You called me complacent and dumb. You accuse me of shouting slogans that I am not saying. You just called me an amateur and I absolutely do not believe you are right. Spare me the lecture on personal attacks and misrepresentation.

That being said, I DO see where you are coming from and I share many of your concerns.

However, the evidence of illegal activity is overwhelming. I believe our newly reformed SCOTUS has integrity and will not stand to see the country dismantled by an outrageous power grab.

The play has always been and will continue to be the Supreme Court. Expect the hammer shortly after Thanksgiving.

I acknowledge that nobody is an Oracle. Times are uncertain. Unfortunately, it may soon come to open conflict. Until then we can only play our part.

While you and I may disagree on specifics, we hold more common ground together as Patriots. If that day of reckoning should come, I will be glad to have you as a brother in arms.

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Sorry, you're wrong. You actually have zero idea about the legal machine and its inner workings. There is a process and you are not privy to it by design. We are nobodies in the grand scheme of things. Your being in the know is totally irrelevant.

There is nothing you can do but attend rallys and show support in public, which I have done and show on my YouTube channel which is also MAGA as fuck. I do what I can. I am not complacent, but I am also not a LARPer playing revolutionary before it is time.

I mean this with respect; know your place.

Let's hope that the time for taking to the streets armed and revolutionarily minded does not come to pass... but if it does - be ready.

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Remember: Sunday Gunday.

My 1911 says hello :)

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