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I'm sorry, which country again is it that is creating models to your perfect standard?

If you are going to follow along with Communist Carlson's argument that because predictions are perfect then that means the White House doesn't care, you might as well join in with the fear-spreading MSM just like Tucker has sold out to.

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I'm 100% against the fake news MSM and their fearmongering, so let's just accept the correct numbers as they come in.

I can make a model. You can make a model. Anyone can make a model. But I'm not putting my money on an idea that 50% of the population has already contracted COVID-19. That's ridiculous.

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Anti-Trump Carlson is a journalistic joke. He's a fearmongering sellout just like the rest of the MSM.

Offices are full of flat hard surfaces where people are in close quarters for 9 hours a day where is much easier to spread a virus.

If Tucker honestly believes the White House doesn't care about the economy, he's a fucking moron. But he doesn't believe that. He's just another mainstream media cable news host running another propaganda show.

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"Yes, we're enrolling thousands who already have covid-19. However, if hydroxychloroquine doesn't prevent anyone from getting the coronavirus, we should steer clear of it."

This article is hypocritical af.

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Logically, there are always X amount of people living in each square mile of our country. This is directly related to the rate at which is spreads. This is why there is a wave.

Also, once your immune system beats the virus, you can't catch it again. And this is why although we will see additional waves of covid-19 later, they will not be near the size of what we are seeing now.

There's your logic.

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Tucker is just stealing from Bannon's War Room (who said this a week+ ago) just like every MSM outlet does when they can't figure out what to report on.

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Emotionally, I agree with you.

But logically, you're wrong. Liberal morons are 10X better at boycotting companies than America-first nationalists (like myself) are, and even they can't make it work. They ideologically boycott shit all the time and rarely do any large corporations go under because of it.

Putting the squeeze on American companies via the DPA to produce products is not conservative and not capitalism. It's going to burn bridges and cause more problems down the road. The solution here is SIMPLE. American companies, by law, MUST fulfill American medical/hospital orders first. That is the America-first, proper capitalism solution. I don't know why Trump's advisors haven't thought of this sort of EO yet.

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Because azithromycin is given out like candy at Planned Parenthood for treating STDs.

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Please watch Giuliana's podcast from today with Dr. Vladmir who came up with the regimen:

Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days

Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days

Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TJdjhd_XG8

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I'm surprised Tucker isn't one of the media faggots pushing anti-HCQ rhetoric. He's just as fearmongering as the cable news show hosts he makes fun of every night.

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Who the fuck is this?

He lost me at "modified".

COVID-19 affects the elderly BECAUSE their immune system is mature and over-attacks the virus to the point where it begins to attack too much of the body.

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All respect to what you're saying....

But your logic is way off here. Thinking one can just declare "enough is enough" to a virus is a fallacy. One of the good things about Trump is that he respects biology for what it is. One cannot simply just make declarations against it when one has reached a point of being fed up.

The answer we're all looking for is found in clarity among what exactly the virus is and what exactly it takes to treat it. The sooner we arrive at those specific answers, the sooner we can set concrete timetables for our future.

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This could be done simply by changing the Libel laws. Right now, the MSM can never be sued no matter what they say because it's fucking impossible to prove "actual malice". Technically, you can always try to sue, but a judge will throw it out right away if you can't prove actual malice. This needs to change. If this law was altered, the MSM would get sued into oblivion in a short amount of time.

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I can't stand that blonde virtue signalling bitch. She has never once asked a serious question. Get her out of the WH.

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To be media person, one no longer needs any schooling at all. Just certify yourself on twitter as an expert at the language of opposition, virtue signalling, race baiting, goalpost moving and concern trolling.

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