I'm a US citizen outside the country and I'd like the volunteer to try help get people out to vote or simply red pill normies. It would be great to basically be given a list of swing state phone numbers of people I could call one by one and have conversations (if they would be willing). So many people are so unexposed to the reality and have never actually met a Trump supporter that at least whenever I'm in California, I know I have sometimes changed minds.

If you guys have any suggestions how I can go about it please let me know.


Obviously these days r/politics is anti Trump and pro AOC. But it is such an international site and based on the posts du jour it seems hard to believe that they wouldn't have vehemently hated Obama for his war mongering, drone use, privacy issues exposed by Snowden, false promises on the Guantanamo end, telling Putin he'd work with him after the election. Did they bash Clinton back during the bombing of Libya or when she came out against Assange after his leak ostensibly showed war crimes with the helicopter footage or the involvement in Ukranian elections which actually gave Putin the impetus to invade because the US and more specifically Hillary's state department had interfered with Ukranian elections?

If you were active on reddit at the time, I'd like to know what has happened? Do you think the posters there have completely changed and are different people? Are these the most philosophically incongruent schizophrenic tribalistic group there is? How exactly does this happen?


It used to be that I only had to do the picture CAPTCHAs 30 times a day. Even though I'm signed on. Even though my IP address was unchanging. Even though there is no reason for it.

Now Cloudflare will make me resubmit my CAPTCHA in the middle of a session. 30 seconds after I've loaded a page they will make me jump throgh the hoops again?

Google, FB Twitter, and so on...... I bet 95% of their revenue comes from the supermajority Dim state of CA. They don't provide this crap service to their other clients. They must automatically whitelist addresses that go through these hoops. I've never experienced anything close to this and I've used many sites in my life with Cloudflare protection that have been bombarded by ddosing.

No, this is something else. Please upvote to get the attention of the mods. The techno fascists are still adamant to destroy this community and its ability to win the memewar.


In the last month I have done the CATCHA filtering process many hundreds of times from the same IP or two, even in during the same reading sessions.

Cloudflare is obviously in bed with the TECHNOCRAT elite who operate in the supermajority democrat jurisdiction of California.

I find it hard to believe their algorithm is so bad after so many years of providing this anti-ddos service that what is happening to me and no doubt other users is unintentional. In the same way Reddit, Facebook, Google, Twitter have used manipulative tactics to interfere with the election and our movement, it seems that cloudflare (whose biggest clients probably are the aforementioned companies) are just as guilty.

At this point I'm wonderig if we should invest in a parallel service to cloudflare for conservative sites.


I know that 1 the polls are bullshit 2 there are a lot more silent republicans than silent dems 3 Trump has strong support whereas Biden has no real fans 4 Trump will do better in the debates 5 as the election approaches more people will discover Biden's scandals

But, what is disconcerting is that Trump's numbers are going down during this rioting period instead of going up as predicted.

Let's be honest, fake news exists and perpetuates and the Madcows and Lemons and Stelters and so on sell their souls because there is money to be made. It works. How will we win this election? Thoughts?


Let me know what you guys think but it seems to me that these lockdowns had to end in riots eventually. But it also seems that the MSM is throwing antifa under the bus because they are already just a shell of their former selves.

What I still don't understand is why they attacked the CNN headquarters. I don't have the time to go really down this rabbit hole so any thoughts are welcome.

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