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If youre there just go to a store. Buying online makes you transfer to an FFL, generally a gunstore anyway

I think glocks are on gen 5 now. they'll probably be around 425$. Might be higher now due to increased supply

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Ive spent the last two years doing this.

COVID 19.84 is one ive been using lately too

These are nice small redpills. Just make sure to be very nice when dealing with the waiter.

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Thats talking about the flag. A bandana with the flag on it is not the flag.

Regardless a lot of the flag code is a bit much. Is anyone really gonna drive by someones house, who is displaying the flag, and say its disrespectful because its night time and not illuminated? Do we say how disrespectful it is when an athlete wins something and hugs the flag and parades around in it?

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I fucking loved the video and how you handled it. Were nice throughout all of it. Defended yourself when attacked. Then went back to being the calm and reasonable one, sitting down eating.

Me and my ladypede absolutely lost our shit when you told the guy, "youre gonna end up getting arrested because of your STUPID girlfriend", while pointing at her and not even looking at her while you said it. She stayed quiet and had no reaction, subconsciously acknowledging her stupidity and fuck up

Great stuff

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Send this to your apolitical/left leaning but non SJW friends, especially those that are religious. Make sure to include the fact that they are coming for country, your Jesus, your livelihood.

This is a giant redpill. Take advantage of it.

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...of course it is.

It bothers me that so many pedes and good Americans buy into this.

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What happened to stalking and being weirded out? Im rolling my eyes.

I did see trumps tweet. I also watched the news the entire day. Not a single media outlet started talking about how dangerous mail in ballots were as a result of his tweet. Literally 0. Feel free to prove me wrong

All of them however did spend the whole day calling him a dictator and playing up how all the Republicans didnt agree with him.

I stand by everything I said and I am in disbelief you think youre right on this. It was a dumb tweet. And now they have ammo because of it.

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Well we have nothing but concrete evidence of mail in ballots being fucked these last two months. And they are STILL saying its a debunked conspiracy. Because theyre dirty fucks and want to steal this.

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But who is talking about the dangers of mail in ballots on the left? No one. Its just us. The left is doing their usual retarded "citing, without evidence (experts say mail in ballots are the safest thing in existence)" bullshit. Ive been on the news all day and literally no one has said oh wow mail in ballots are bad guys.

Id love to see the video trump is talking about

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Its not just Cali which is the problem.

A battleground like AZ, in fucking March the democrat SoS (the one that the Democrats stole in 2018 because all eyes were on Florida) announced shes sending mail in voting applications to every registered voter. Which is better than sending it to everyone. But still poses a problem since this is a battleground and these are liberals. They cheat. Soros will have his goons going door to door soliciting votes.

PA, a state we need, will be voting by mail.

A lot of states have expanded access to it.

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