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Guns don't kill people, viruses with guns kill people. Duh.

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I expected more people here for those kinda numbers. It feels like we're getting less votes than when we were on reddit, though I suppose as the election year heats up it will begin to feel like old times. Or if someone actually gets arrested.

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This would be like Kapernic getting told he can't wear a mask decorated with whatever the hell team hes on. It just comes across as stupid still imo

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Why I diversified. One place may go under, but pick 5 at 1/5 the cost and theres a good chance I won't do half bad

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I can't wear most shoes because flat foot. I basically depend on New Balance. When I saw their name in the title, my heart froze and I was expecting to lose my favorite company to stupid leftist soapboxing.

But seriously. They make good shoes.

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I have friends that fawn over his stuff, and I'm just sitting here like "I have never understood why anyone finds this good"

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Thank you for the transparency and improvements

Literally all I generally want out of the products I use. This one is free and you've still blown me away with your ux concerns, responsiveness, and openness. If more companies did business like you guys run this website, they would have me as a customer for life

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Everything is being blown out of proportion, but if you believe anything the Chinese government says, you're an idiot.

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I know a lot of Trump voters that participated in the dem primary for lulz.

I agree that every single person should vote, and we shouldn't get complacent, I just don't think theres anything to worry about.

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The_Europe did not kill itself

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Mobile browsing. Weeeeeee.

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Archive links please. Paywall + not giving those commie bastards ad revenue

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Great way to cut back on the size of the federal government. Dont replace any job where the holder gets arrested

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>While acknowledging this would prevent sitting representatives and senators from seeking re-election


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Is there a link that doesnt use cocksuckerbergs shit site?

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