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Imagine if Twitter eventually went to discovery phase in a lawsuit, dear god the amount of incriminating evidence would be STAGGERING

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LMAO trying to put trucks in there like anyone with a truck would ever vote Biden 🤣

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The great thing about all these hippie liberal fucks is none of them will actually go vote, they are the laziest cunts in our country that just want to hang and chill out, smoke some weed eat some edibles just chill out on tax payer dimes....

ohhh shit its past the election already? damn I should of voted on that thing I cared for 2 seconds about last month... oooooo noooo

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Fuck you, if this was content on Jr Trump it would be trending on Twitter for fucking weeks

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Its far, far, far too late for anything like that, we needed a SCOTUS ruling on mass mail ballots earlier this year.. nothing at this point can be done

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Everyone ask yourself: "Have I ever been polled?"


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"A judge must apply the law as written. Judges are not policy makers and must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold."

Sooo, NOT an activist judge? Thank god!

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from the "same channels" of course!

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"It appeared Trump was referring to mail-in ballots, which he has repeatedly condemned, without evidence, as susceptible to massive fraud."

How could he have evidence of something that hasn't even happened yet? Morons

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Yeah, I was mostly just making a joke, because Tim always says something then rolls back "well I dunno maybe, but.."

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"There is only one option now... pause I dunno maybe there is only one option or not I dunno, but...."

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Ahh yeah good point, I glossed over the post, thanks

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Missing another crucial step:

  • Do not swallow lethal doses of Fentanyl or any other drug
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Exactly, if this is some Trump campaign conspiracy, then lay the issue to rest right? welp, guess we know now for 100% fact that he does infact use a teleprompter.

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Come on now, we're better than the left posting fake fucking news, where is the source for the registered as democrat claim? Linked article from fox makes no such claims

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Bingo, everyone in the family knows he's a piece of shit. Definitely a druggie and lunatic

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