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The crazy part is that I work at a phone and computer repair shop.. holy shit 😳 does that make me a based computer repair man!? Send me your broken computers or uptrump!

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Thanks! I was red pilling them even more with things I learned here on TD.win

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Check the file type and file size (less than 10MB)

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Joe Biden has been peddling his influence for sale. He is going to sell out America if he gets the Presidency!

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WOW!!!! This is massive!!! Did Biden get half of each of the China, Burisma, and Russian Billionaire oligarch deals from Hunter? I'm in awe right now..

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This is explosive considering the China, Burisma, and Russian billionaire oligarch funneling money to Hunter. Did Pop make Hunter give half of each of those deals?

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It is only fair if we expect the same of teachers to not have blm, liberal, or anti-American things in the background.

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In San Antonio and can confirm Biden signs outnumber Trump signs.

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Yes it is pretty woke. Shaq O'Neille has a woman voice and he has a girlfriend with a manly voice. Of course this happens to the end once you watch almost the entire movie.

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They have blackmail on Biden to control him and make him resign. All they have to do is bring up Hunter but alas they're going to go with the mental decline route as its better PR wise

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