MAGAWookie [S] 9 points ago

Has the media really started to stop showing the daily briefings?

MAGAWookie [S] 12 points ago

At what point do we stop putting up with this? We should be forming militias.

MAGAWookie [S] 5 points ago

Silver lining but I honestly think 1776 needs to happen here. Nancy and Chuck are clearly working for China.

MAGAWookie [S] 1 point ago

At what point do we start 1776ing these fuckers? I'm sick to my stomach thinking about how bad some people have it right now and the dems are doing nothing but obstructing. Even AOC and Married-her-Brother Omar were praising the republican bill. Fuck!

MAGAWookie [S] 11 points ago

Trump's handling of this virus will make him even more popular as long as we can get through this.

MAGAWookie [S] 29 points ago

Sadly I used to work in the pharma industry and this is something they actively look for. I worked in procurement for one of the largest pharma companies in the world. Everything was about "supplier diversity" rather than who had the best product or price. It was truly mind blowing. I left after only 14 months.

MAGAWookie [S] 25 points ago

This thing will burn out by the time a vaccine arrives in 2 years and everyone that was susceptible will have died. This just seems like a ploy to have mandatory vaccination and globalism. Change my mind.

MAGAWookie [S] 2 points ago

100% but I also think the virus is legit and we should prepare.

MAGAWookie [S] 1 point ago

Hording water is not useless. You can add a small amount of bleach to preserve it for long periods of time. Bottled water doesn't go bad in a few days. There have been plenty of natural disaster where people would have killed for water. My food isn't refrigerated either. I have rice and beans stored in mylar bags with O2 absorbers which will make that supply last easily 20 to 30 years. You sound totally unprepared so I hope you can get some supplies before it's too late.

MAGAWookie [S] 7 points ago

How long of a prep supply do you think we'll need? I currently have 2 months of water and 3 months of food but the more I hear the more I think this will be sticking around longer than a few months...

MAGAWookie [S] 2 points ago

If we get forced into a quarantine, which seems likely imo, you won't be able to go to the stores to buy anything. Also supply chains are drying up since pretty much everything we use is made in China so it's likely store shelves will be sparse in the coming weeks. I think the supply chain disruption and economic impacts will be much more devastating than the actual virus.

MAGAWookie [S] 1 point ago

I think Trump has an obvious interest in not creating any panic. I think this virus is legit. Fuck I hope it's not tho

MAGAWookie [S] 2 points ago

Idk what to believe. I do think the virus is this serious but I could also believe that it's also totally BS. I'm preparing for a worst case scenario and encourage everyone else to do so. You have almost nothing to lose by getting supplies. Either way our supply chain is crumbling and shelves will be empty. Large quarantines in the US are coming this week.

MAGAWookie [S] 2 points ago

Biden is gonna get suicided as soon as he gets the nomination. Change my mind.

MAGAWookie [S] 3 points ago

I hope you're right. I don't trust China's numbers and I sure as hell don't want the US to use the same tactics to try and get the virus under control here.

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