MAGATeamSix 1 point ago

Have you seen a picture of Spez? White, blue eyes, blonde hair. Of course he's an authoritarian faggot. He's genetically predisposed to it.

MAGATeamSix 4 points ago

Get reliable pistol and carry license, then get an AR-15 and/or AKM.

Get all of the ammo and mags you possible can for your pistol and rifle, you can never have enough of either.

Then get training for your pistol and rifle. Places like Thunder Ranch, Tactical Response, Costa Ludus, etc. will teach you how to defend yourself VERY effectively.

Make lots of like minded friends with guns and training. Your survivability after the libtard uprising post Trump 2020 win will exponentially rise.

MAGATeamSix 3 points ago

A fork of masstagger called massfagger tagging the authoritarian asshats would be lulz.