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Just so Pede's know there are people around this planet depending on us to pull this off!!! President Trump's America is the only thing standing in between a free humanity and those who want to enslave human beings which is what the Democrats, Globalists and others want..

So winning is our only option. If you love personal freedoms, independents and World peace then President Trump continuing his second term is the only option. 2024 won't exist unless President Trump is on office. Free and fair elections are will only exist with President Trump continuing his second term in Jan 2021/ Right now is all we have SO FOCUS!!! THE FREE WORLD (NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS) ARE ALL DEPENDING ON ALL OF US... let's finish this!!

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what the hell is that on the right????? Obama should have never happen but the BUSH family and Clintons should not have been allowed to happen either.

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Don't argue, Don't debate. Just focus on what we're doing here. These people's opinions do not control anything. I have family members who act like this as well but I simply ignore them because I know they are in for a rude awakening when President Trump starts his second term in Jan 2021.

Like I said before. If this was just a simple case of random cases of voter fraud then I would give President Trump a 95% chance of pulling this off but it's not just voter fraud. What is happening in the 2020 elections as we week speak is a coordinated voter fraud effort in conjunction with the biggest Election fraud scan ever ran in American history by Democrats, Rinos, traitors in multiple government agencies, American Mainstream media and BIG TECH(Twitter, facebook and Youtube) in partnership with FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS. This is beyond voter fraud what is happening is TREASON at the highest levels.

That's why Sidney Powell said if Biden was smart he would concede RIGHT NOW because the longer they keep this going the harder it will be for any of them to get out of it. So President Trump starts in second term in Jan 2021 one way or another. There is no other way it can be. This goes beyond the 2020 election this is about America choosing to fight the deepstate and their foreign government partners or surrendering America to them. NO matter what anyone tells you we have Patriots in our government who ISN'T SURRENDING SHIT TO ANY OF THESE TRAITORS. So I say relax and let the process play out while knowing that President Trump starts his second term in Jan 2021 because it can be no other way now. The Democrats can only blame themselves for making it this way. They could have easily just left President Trump alone and let him have his two terms in office and find a way to win in 2024 then undo everything that President Trump did during his 8 years in office but nooooooooooooo the dems and their Globalist partners had to play games.. The dems and globalists are going to lose what little power they thought they had in America.

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We all know VA went red.. I'm so thankful that Sidney Powell is going after VA too because VA is beyond corrupt.

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Any state that didn't go for President Trump should be suspect at this point. I still think either NY or Cali was stolen or maybe both. KEEP DIGGING because I'm sure there are plenty of pedes on this site who will join in. CO tried to screw us over plenty of times in 2016 in the actual REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES. We had to push hard in 2016 because even the republicans were fighting Trump supporters.. Which although I think Senator Cruz is a great Patriot I still remember 2016 and how he and his republican friends treated Trump supporters. Anyway, Let's see what we can find in CO because if rinos in CO would do that to us in 2016 then I'm sure Democrats have no issues with cheating in CO.

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Umm who do you think was pushing the RUSSIA HOAX behind the scenes?? man It's equally insane to me that our government's agencies being this corrupt is a surprise to people. I thought everyone kind of knew this.

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No offense but you calling out a General who has done more for our country than any of us have is beyond insane. Everyone has free speech but I will say people like me don't have a right to talk down to a General. Unless he commits treason. This isn't conspiracy shit this is very real. If you want to live in your delusional world and keep saying it doesn't exist then go right ahead but in a few weeks nobody will be able to say it's fake. Those who do will look like morons. The truth is coming and thanks to people like yourself who continue to call it BS there will be American citizens who won't be able to mentally handle the events that will take place . I guess you don't care about them as long as you can show everyone on this message more than you know more than them.

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Let's be honest we were all told about this by

Alex Jones then Q anon group. and others. It's not like people didn't try to tell us this was going on but we all called them LARPS and laughed at them. I guess nobody is laughing now. General Flynn and others knew this was going on and they will stop it one way or another. There are people who are now asking me how I knew all of this stuff and why isn't anytihng General Flynn saying surprising me. then I point them to Alex jones and the Q anon board. Thanks to these conspiracy groups I knew this stuff was happening 2 years ago.

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Oh Norad?? I guess there would be a place for the President or somee office he could use but that's mostly military isn't it?

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Camp David??? you say???
I wiling to bet this is song is playing at Camp David right now .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYFJjwXtsU4

I have a feeling the next two weeks are going to be gooooooooodd!!

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TO be honest. I want Flynn to be the FBI Direction or some agency that is unelected. We need honest people there because you see how these agencies can just ignore the President if they want. Give Flynn that type of power.

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I think people should call these RINOS TOO BUT SCOTUS will strike down this AZ law because this law isn't constitutional . President Trump's team if need be will take it to Scotus and win but I agree CALL THESE RINOS AND TELL THEM THEY EITHER STAND WITH 74 million voters or we won't show up for their election/ Everyone republican have to pick a side. They either with us and President Trump or they are against us. WE OUT NUMBER THEM!!

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You have a good point but might I point out some points you may have overlooked.

The mass Exodus form California . In Nevada we've had thousands of what I like to call cali refugees move here and multiple states are experiencing the same thing. Most people in Cali are moving a way because the cost of living is just too high. So Cali's population is no where near what it once was. Which is why I'm begging all republicans to stay in CALI don't leave because republicans maybe able to take California sooner than we think I agree the illegal aliens is another issue but if the SCOTUS rule in President Trumps favor on this case then I have feeling most of these illegals are getting deported because the Dems won't have any use for them. I also believe we will get Voter ID sooner or later. So I think we're in the midst of a perfect storm

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Liberals tried to cheat in GA by moving to GA for a couple months just to vote but we don't have to do anything like that. All we have to do is have a State like California or New York do a full adult and a recount. I bet one if not both would go red after that or we get lucky and it goes to the SCOTUS? IN a honest and fair election there is no way Dems could hold on to California and I'm not sure they could even control New York in a fair election.

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CA AND NY should be on someone's list.. I wished there was a team of patriots willing to take those states on. Those two states are the commies headquarters.

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Reagan wasn't Perfect and he made some mistakes but he was the best we had until President Trump raised the bar so high that only George Washington himself would have to run for President in 2024 to get 74 million of us to vote like that gain.

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but I don't see how anybody could be surprised by Tucker. haha Fox news has always been controlled opposition . Anybody could have figured that out just by doing some research. 6 Corporations owns all the American media that includes FOX. So it's kind of 2 +2 =4. haha

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Some based Republican legislatures will handle the RINOS.. Don't worry about them They are going to make the RINOS show 74 million people who's side there on. Usually Rinos will do the right thing when they know everyone is watching.

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