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Sees people not covering their mouths when they sneeze


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"We hold these truths to be self-evident... except during outbreaks of smallpox or other infectious diseases..."

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Mike Lindell is a great example of the Christian concept of redemptive salvation.

When he was starting his business, he ran up a lot of debt and had his production equipment repossessed. To get it back, he needed to raise money. He had a big problem: he was addicted to crack cocaine. Not lying - he has been very open about this.

He says he prayed to Jesus to take his addiction away from him, to take the urge away from him so he could turn his life around and help others. And he said, like that, he no longer felt the urge. He had lost most of his family in that time, but not his faith.

The next week, he managed to get a meeting with three investors. He then said to them, "I have to be honest with you: I used to be addicted to crack cocaine."

They asked him when he had quit using it.

"Last Thursday."

Two of the investors immediately stood up like Jerry Seinfeld leaving a crowded theater and got out of there. When Mike Lindell looked up, one of them had remained, and said, "Well, let's hear your business plan."

Just remember, none of us are so far gone that we can't be saved or forgiven, or given the opportunity to make a better person of ourselves.

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The old survival rule is that people have nine meals they can miss before getting crazy and doing drastic things. However, I would expect it to follow a different route than starvation.

People who are following the lock down or shelter in place or stay at home or whatever you want to call it rules are already getting angry and stir crazy. Why the hell should we be punished for being healthy? Why should our retirement funds evaporate because some city dwellers can't wash their damn hands or stop sneezing on one another? Why should I be sitting and taking it when the economy was great and now I am laid off because the government forced my employer to close based on fear only?

And people who are ignoring those orders are still spreading the virus, and are just as likely to have economic problems and questions.

Americans are obviously willing to give up some of their most cherished liberties - or at least only grumble - as long as they believe the measures imposed are both necessary and temporary, and that they can get by somehow.

After another month of this, when the weather gets warmer, people will just start ignoring the lockdown orders en masse. In the cities, they will start going out, reopening businesses, or otherwise defying orders not to gather.

If Democrat politicians respond with oppression, by fining anyone who reopens their business, or by imprisoning people, there will either be protests or it will continue to spiral out of control economically, and people will get desperate.

In the suburbs, people are already more suspicious of outsiders and out of state residents. When competing for jobs, a lot of people will correctly oppose illegal immigration even harder. And with restaurants shut down, I can see a lot of illegals leaving on their own. But suburban and rural people won't face the same crowd pressure that city people experience.

I think that's really just it - if Democratic governors are crazy enough to crackdown on people defying the curfews/lockdowns en masse, there will be violence. Or, they can back down and rescind their orders. I'm not hopeful that anyone else is going to step in and save us from our own governors after this - I see the biggest winners in this unconstitutional power grab being the governors who just decided to shut everything down - including churches and gun stores - because they felt like it.

If it ever gets so bad that Americans actually have missed nine meals in a row, then it is SHTF time for real. Otherwise, it's cat and mouse until the election or the next crisis.

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It's the nature of how the virus spread in different communities.

San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington started seeing early cases, but it's a lot easier to distance yourself from people there than in NYC. Also, people from different parts of the world can't self-segregate as easily as in other cities - everyone in NYC is up everyone else's ass 24/7, on the subway, walking on crowded sidewalks, on the train, in restaurants, in office buildings, etc.

The first recorded case in NYC was a woman who had traveled to Iran. At that point (March 1) there were only 76 confirmed cases in the entire US. Then you factor in the large Chinese population in Flushing, Queens and the large Orthodox Jewish population in Brooklyn (best known for ignoring health advisories about measles and having huge weddings). Brooklyn and Queens are the two boroughs with the highest concentration of cases. Oh, not to mention that nation's largest concentration of Italian-Americans, so there was a lot of travel from that region as well.

The first lock down in NY state was in New Rochelle, and it was centered on a synagogue there. The person most likely at the center of this was a lawyer who worked in Manhattan. People who attended services at the New Rochelle synagogue also attended services in Teaneck, NJ, which was the epicenter of the Bergen County, NJ outbreak. From there, infections spread to Lakewood, NJ and Morristown, NJ as a result of community spread. Another outbreak started in Freehold, NJ after an infected relative visited from Italy.

Meanwhile, everyone was still taking the subway back and forth because no one stopped going to work. The NYC subway never stopped running - instead, they simply told people to stay home and LIMITED the number of trains running. So now the same number of riders were crowded onto fewer trains. Brilliant!

And then, even after being told to stay at home, a lot of people just ignored the warnings because they thought only old people got the virus, or you could only get it by someone sneezing on you directly, or people just refused to give up their urban lifestyle of going outside constantly to escape their cramped apartments. Idiots were actually having coronavirus parties.

New Yorkers just didn't give a shit, and kept spreading the virus to as many people as they could before they showed symptoms. And now the entire country is paying the price for their arrogance, because like it or not, NYC metro area is responsible for $1.39 trillion of the USA's total $21.439 trillion GDP.

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You really need to /s sarcasm tag that.

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You obviously don't even know what is going on in the video.

The assholes in the hazmat suits are from One Housing - it's a leftist organization that helps provide housing in the UK "to those who have struggled to provide for themselves." So some homeless guy was drunk, someone thought he was dead, called the police, the police take him to the hospital. Some mini-Stalin bureaucrat from One Housing sends random non-official, non-government employees to dress up and put out fliers saying the man died.

  • One Housing is not the UK government, so this is only evidence that this housing group is lying to its own residents and causing a panic.
  • Leftists lie. All the time. They also exploit crises to make themselves more powerful.
  • The big joke in the UK is that every tiny village council thinks it's the fucking Supreme Soviet and will try to make people's lives hell for not keeping their gardens tidy. They routinely abuse power.

We all know leftists lie. The MSM is exploiting this crisis, and is lying about it, the same way they have lied about Trump. Leftists/authoritarians/statists of all kinds all over the world burst out with joy at the panic they could exploit in the wake of this crisis. We've seen all of this, from our own governors to minor bureaucrats to local dog catchers...

Just because you are personally incredulous doesn't make it a hoax. Just because you saw one person say something false, or exploit the crisis for his or her own advantage doesn't make the entire crisis false.

NYC cases are exploding right now because not one of those people believed it was real, or could effect them. Party girls kept partying, idiots kept hanging out in parks or crowding together to get take out. And now I am have family members in the NYPD who have the coronavirus because those ignorant assholes thought they were too lucky to get a virulent, highly infectious form of viral pneumonia.

Fuck off with this uninformed, dangerous nonsense. It doesn't help our country get through this intact, it doesn't help preserve our liberties or reign in insane authoritarian leftists who want to turn us into a society like Communist China, it doesn't help the President get re-elected - it just makes you sound like a fool who is fine endangering other people by spreading disinformation.

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You cover the northern exit, we'll watch the 78 & 80 corridors in NW NJ.

It's more the "suddenly Somali" syndrome that concerns me. Like, Iraqi refugees really picked Rochester, NY as the place they wanted to move to? Really?

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Did you hear Rep. Massie on Limbaugh (Ken Matthews subbing) about an hour ago? I thought he was an asshole too, until he explained that his goal is to get them to come to DC and do a recorded vote. He doesn't oppose the current bill per se, he opposes the use of unanimous consent on a bill virtually no one has read. That, and it wants to make it harder for Dems in the House to push through Phase 4 and Phase 5, which would inevitably be all the Green New Deal and election stealing crap stripped out of the Phase 3 bill up for a vote now. I'm living in a state that has used coronavirus as an excuse to effectively repeal both the First and Second Amendments... I welcome a little push back instead of a blind mad dash.

As he put it, we (meaning Congress) have the best healthcare in the world, we owe it to Americans who are putting their lives on the line to actually be present to cast a vote. I support him in that - time for Congress to take the same risks that the average grocery store clerk does!

Edit: And with quorum achieved, they avoided a recorded vote. So it's all a moot point now.

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Liberals: Republicans want Americans to die to save capitalism!

Also liberals: How dare you call abortion a non-essential service during a quarantine!

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New Rochelle, NY was sealed off on March 10 - this was because of a community spread of coronavirus from an Orthodox synagogue there. Orthodox Jews who had attended the New Rochelle synagogue spread it to another in Teaneck, NJ, starting the Bergen County outbreak, and to Borough Park in Brooklyn. Next, a Jewish nursery school in Morristown, NJ reported an outbreak. Suddenly, and to no one's surprise, Shoprite employees in Morristown reported testing positive for coronavirus.

So the NY Times blames... evangelical Christians.

This isn't to say we necessarily blame any one group for it -- original source was probably Chinese travelers from Wuhan itself to NYC, and later Italian nationals visiting family in Freehold, NJ -- but the NY Times completely fails to understand how infectious diseases spread among a community.

If evangelicals were to blame, then why aren't we seeing the epicenter of the outbreak in Tennessee, Alabama and Oklahoma? Instead, we are seeing the outbreak at its worst among the nation's largest population centers by density, and demographically, by the number of Chinese, Jewish and Italian-American populations (Seattle, Bay Area, NY/NJ). If you are in a high risk population center/community, you should do your part to stop the spread, not blame people who had nothing to do with it.

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Understand the original flashpoints in NY/NJ:

  • Chinese travelers bringing in the virus to NYC (Dec-Feb).

  • Orthodox Jews ignoring basic isolation procedures (like having massive weddings), leading to community spread in New Rochelle, followed by Borough Park (Brooklyn), Teaneck, Lakewood, Morristown in NJ. (Feb-now)

  • Families hosting Italian family members from northern Italy (the family in Freehold, NJ who lost 4 family members) (Jan-now)

  • Many retirees who go on cruises and travel FREQUENTLY (Dec-Feb)

But eventually, areas will need to remain locked down, but this whole statewide quarantine doesn't do anything to target the real problems: communities where this is spreading aren't following the procedures to begin with.

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The real remake for this today wouldn't be Nicaraguans or North Koreans invading the United States, it would be woke liberals from New York and California NGOs transplanting Muslim or Spanish-speaking economic migrants (who refuse to assimilate) into rural American counties, then releasing as many "non-violent" criminals from jail as possible until the American citizens are overwhelmed...


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Keep in mind, hydroxychloroquine will increase insulin production, which means a type 1 diabetic who is taking insulin could suffer an insulin overdose if they are put on hydroxychloroquine AND still require insulin.

In NJ, most who died so far have had diabetes.

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My dad is 90 years old, so he was a kid during the depression. I asked him how he got through it. He said they pretended it wasn't happening. My grandfather was a longshoreman who didn't have steady work until World War 2, and then he worked double shifts. My grandmother was a nurse who worked nights at a mental institution. But he had his brothers and his sisters and got by.

Life is sucking for millions of us right now, together.

If it is sucking for a real reason, we will pull through this and be stronger because of it. Have faith at least that we made the right choice in 2016 and President Trump is the one calling the shots right now... he won't let us down. I honestly feel that God guided the American people to choose him for this moment.

If it is sucking as a result of an overreaction by the media and blue-state politicians, and it turns out to be less bad than we thought, then there will be hell to pay. And we will need to have the strength to bring that hell - no one else will fight our fights for us by that point. We'll have to do it ourselves.

The Great Depression of the 1930's gave way to the War Years, and the War Years gave way to the post-war Economic Boom. It always follows this pattern.

Good times make weak men -> weak men make hard times -> hard times make strong men -> strong men make good times.

Welcome to the hard times. Let it be the crucible that reforges our country.

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Skepticism is fine, but denialism is dangerous. If this was some anti-Trump hoax, it would have been over already:

  • Globalist elites have collectively lost over $1 trillion in investments

  • Countries sealing their borders to all foreign travel, making the outrage over Trump's travel ban look suicidal

  • People in impacted areas have lost all trust of anything Made in China

  • President Trump's approval rating going up to 55%, with 75% approval of his handling of the crisis

  • Biden non-existent and irrelevant, he might as well suspend campaigning - Trump campaigns every day in his televised briefings and video addresses

  • Once President Trump pulls us out of this mess, he could declare himself God-Emperor and no one would bat an eyelash

Stop spreading lies. These are easily disproved.

Everyone will die if you don't stay in your home

Hyperbolic. A family who got it in NJ lost their mother (73), two of her adult sons and an adult daughter. It's basically highly infectious viral pneumonia. Learn how infectious diseases work if you don't understand the principle behind a quarantine.

If you have the virus, you won't know for two week.

After 5 days, you can begin infecting others. The incubation period before showing symptoms could be anywhere up to around 14 days. That's really common for any virus - and some people may not show any extreme symptoms, depending on how their body responds to it. A really fit person with a low ratio of ACE2 receptors in their lungs, type O- blood and no other diseases or respiratory health issues might not ever get symptoms - someone with severe diabetes or leukemia might be dead within a week.

Migrants don't carry the virus.

Literally no one is saying this.

Borders cannot stop the virus.

Europe's Schengen Agreement just vanished into thin air and virtually every nation on earth just shut down their borders - no one believes this, everyone is shutting their borders down. Globalization is dead because of this pandemic.

You can get other viruses while infected with the virus, and the virus makes those other viruses worse before it kills you.

Why would viral pneumonia prevent you from also getting a bacterial infection (like strep throat) or something like a rhinovirus or norovirus? How the fuck would that work? Do you think one virus makes you immune to a different one?

Smokers are more likely to die from the virus

Smokers being more at risk for dying from pneumonia?? My shock!

...as are white people

No informed person is saying this. O blood types have shown less severe symptoms than type A blood types. Those who genetically have more ACE2 receptors in their lungs are more easily infected than those who have fewer (Asians tend to have more, Europeans less, smokers have more than non-smokers). Those with other health issues (obesity, diabetes, emphysema) and the elderly are more at risk. Anti-malarial drugs are effective in treating it, and countries in which malaria outbreaks are common have seen fewer Wuhan virus cases than those that don't have frequent malaria outbreaks... meaning the virus may function in a way that exposure to malaria could boost someone's immunity. Since malarial countries tend to be non-white, it makes sense those people are less susceptible.

Kids can get the virus, and spread the virus, but won't get sick.

False: children don't have some carrier immunity, their lungs and bodies just heal faster than adults and the elderly, and the virus becomes deadly when it can destroy cells in the respiratory system faster than the body can heal them.

The virus survives on surfaces for 72 hours.

ALL viruses tend to survive on steel or plastic surfaces for up to three days, cardboard for 24 hours, and copper for 4 hours. That's a general guideline for all viruses - it's why door handles on public buildings used to be copper or brass before people got cheap, because copper is naturally anti-microbial.

The virus makes going to work illegal.

People with the virus can use old timey typewriters with lots of nooks and crannies while in quarantine.

This is just idiotic.

Stop spreading disinformation, even disguised as thinly veiled sarcasm. It's hard enough dealing with this bullshit - and the inevitable authoritarian overreach - without people spreading lies to divide us even more.

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Pennsylvania is "shall issue," so, no.

They would argue that department workers' health is in jeopardy being in the office to process the forms, but it could easily be done online or over the phone.

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Dipping bread in the wine yourself is considered sacrilegious in Catholicism - only the priest is allowed to place the intincted host onto the congregant's tongue.

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My wife and I are lucky in that we both have work from home jobs... I think that is the trend moving forward. Invest in companies that do chat and video conferencing well, like Slack and Zoom.

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Disappointing to say the least.

In small my town, the local supermarket was literally emptied of all frozen chicken, frozen meat, toilet paper, paper towels and bread tonight. There were people walking out with multiple gallon jugs of olive oil... what are you going to do with 4 gallon-sized jugs of extra virgin olive oil!!?

It is beyond irresponsible at this point for Democrat politicians and mainstream media personalities to continue whipping ordinary people into a panicked frenzy. Tucker should be ashamed of himself for feeding the fire, rather than calming people down.

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The problem is keeping the lukewarm Democrats at home. If Bernie was the nominee, many middle of the road boomer liberals would have stayed home. With Biden, there is a good chance that leftist millenial doomers will stay home rather than vote for an establishment blowhard with dementia.

Now take those two groups and tell them "the end is nigh" and flood their social media with body bags and hazmat suits, aided by Democrats declaring emergencies and shutting down schools, mass transit, events... and entire towns. Even when fewer than 100 Americans have died. Fear keeps them in line.

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Little background: no one saw this coming.

In early February I had the privilege of going to a GOP Congressional candidate's lunch, where Rep. Liz Cheney (a hawk on China) was present.

I explained the situation - that 97% of our pharmaceuticals are made in China, and given the fact that travelers from China were already flooding our airports to escape the quarantine at home - I asked her what was the Republican leadership planning to get ahead of the coronavirus issue, because it was almost certain to become a major crisis in the United State just before the election?

There was basically an uninformed silence from the room - very few people there (even some pharma company execs) had any idea how serious the situation with our economy's supply chains was.

Rep. Cheney totally got it - she understood, and to her credit, has been saying for years that we have to reduce dependence on China's manufacturing. But her answer showed the limitations of the current Washington DC establishment. She said that President Trump was considering appointing a coronavirus czar, but didn't go much beyond that. The massive blackpill is that there is simply no political appetite in Washington DC - among GOPe or Chicom funded Dems - to do what it takes to knock China out of the running for world superpower status.

What most people look at is the short term: Dems in early Feb had just swallowed a sour impeachment finale, and Republicans were celebrating the light at the end of that tunnel. China was just starting to show signs of not being able to handle the virus.

President Trump sees what is needed long term: we need to knock China out. We need to rebuild American manufacturing, bring those supply chains back home, including medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. For the last 20+ years, China has been screwing us on trade. They steal our intellectual property and violate the WTO rules that we are supposed to follow. And when China inevitably fails to contain a rapidly spreading disease with their Communist bloc medical services, and their industry grinds to a halt, the rest of the world pays the price.

Behind the scenes, I think the admin underestimated how the media would pivot from impeachment attacks to attacks over something no one can really control easily, an act of God like a plague. But there is no doubt that long term, he's making the right decisions and setting us on a path to victory over our closest global rival. Sadly, most Congressional Republicans have no concept of the big picture - they are all navel gazing their way toward the next fundraiser for the next election.

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One thing that far too many mainstream GOP players repeat is the "we need to help China, not treat them as an enemy" lie. China is a rival state that doesn't play by rules it expects others to follow. Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Tom Cotton get it - but far too many don't.

I don't expect much from the smash capitalism crowd - I expect a hell of a lot more from Republicans running for or serving in Congress and the Senate.

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