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With God, morality has an objective framework - there is a divine law that guides our understanding of the world, the idea that there are certain inalienable rights ONLY because we cannot take away what God has given. This entails a universal respect for life, for the right to the fruits of your labor (property), and for the liberty God has given you to pursue happiness (agency).

Without God, there is no objective framework and therefore no morality - morality is simply whatever those who are strongest says it is. Subjective rights are not rights -- they are merely privileges bestowed by those in power upon those they favor. This is why the Left always attacks our rights using the notion of "privilege," because having rejected God, they genuinely cannot comprehend the idea that our rights are ours by virtue of the fact that our Creator has bestowed them upon us.

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You hear bystanders who were standing over 50' away immediately start shouting, "he was unarmed... he was standing with his arms behind his back" after the shooting.

Why is it that bystanders immediately lie? Because they KNOW this was going to be repeated. The pattern is almost always the same here - shouting "his hands were up" or "he was unarmed" - despite the fact that the man stole a taser and shot at the officer with it.

Glad this was released. How about no justice for the officers, no peace?

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White males see the autopsy report of George Floyd and see...

  • Arteriosclerotic heart disease, multifocal, severe

  • Cardiomegaly (540 g) with mild biventricular dilatation

  • No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures

  • No life-threatening injuries identified

  • Fentanyl 11 ng/mL

  • Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL

  • Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL

  • 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/mL; Delta-9 Carboxy THC 42 ng/mL; Delta-9 THC 2.9 ng/mL

  • We see a guy with a long criminal history that included holding a pregnant woman at gun point while he robbed her

  • We see a guy who ate the drugs he had on him and would have died on the spot whether or not anyone touched him

  • We see insane liberals and leftist radicals who won't acknowledge facts that undermine their own racist anti-white narrative

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They are the official doomsayers of the second coming of coronavirus - of course they were let back on Twitter.

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They stopped calling it "racism" when they ran out of racists.

They stopped calling it "institutional racism" once they ran out of institutions.

When do you think they will stop calling it "systemic racism"?

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You are wrong. And European. In the English language, words obviously have multiple meanings. "Welfare" in the sense of the "general welfare of the United States" means well-being, or the conditions that would promote prosperity and peace. Until the 1960's, that meant an economic system that stressed financial self-reliance, hard work, individual liberty, and a minimum of government interference into the lives of most free citizens.

To say "Welfare is slavery" is to refer to the socialist system of economic dependence and government interference promoted by liberal Democrats as the nation dealt with the post-war growth of urban ghettos created when blacks moved into industrial northern cities from the rural areas of the south during and after the Second World War (which then became ghettos when the economy came down from its post-war 1950's boom).

Obviously, slavery doesn't mean literal plantations with chains and overseers - it means a loss of liberty, or the imposition of political control by Democrats who nurture economic dependence via welfare state policies.

Turning back to the “legacy of slavery” as an explanation of social problems in black American communities today, anyone who was serious about the truth — as distinguished from talking points — would want to check out the facts. Were children raised with only one parent as common at any time during the first 100 years after slavery as in the first 30 years after the great expansion of the welfare state in the 1960s?

As of 1960, 22 percent of black children were raised with only one parent, usually the mother. Thirty years later, two-thirds of black children were being raised without a father present. What about ghetto riots, crimes in general and murder in particular? What about low levels of labor force participation and high levels of welfare dependency? None of those things was as bad in the first 100 years after slavery as they became in the wake of the policies and notions of the 1960s.

To many on the left, the 1960s were the glory days of their movements, and for some the days of their youth as well. They have a heavy emotional investment and ego investment in the ideas, aspirations, and policies of the 1960s. It might never occur to many of them to check their beliefs against some hard facts about what actually happened after their ideas and policies were put into effect. It certainly would not be pleasant to admit, even to yourself, that after promising progress toward “social justice,” what you actually delivered was a retrogression toward barbarism.

-- Thomas Sowell

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I've said this before - they have meetings and train at Revolution Books in different cities - Revolution Books is RevCom owned.

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Joke's on them - he's a capitalist landlord who rents properties on AirBnB.

2 days in and they were already conquered by a capitalist who was the only one who remembered to bring guns and henchmen.

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In NJ, we have a governor who violated his own executive orders to march packed together with Black Lives Matter anti-cop protesters, and the head of the NJ State Police refused to answer if the Governor was going to be fined the same way others who protested the lock down were fined.

Meanwhile, police in my town have literally handcuffed children's swings together at the public playground to prevent CHILDREN from using them. not kidding - with an actual set of police handcuffs.

Police: Stop enforcing these absurd and arbitrary orders - you are rapidly losing the trust of the people who once supported you.

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Yes. After the American Civil War, only Confederate veterans from reconstructed states were allowed to vote. 1876 was the first election following the end of reconstruction for most former Confederate states, and Samuel Tilden won the popular vote in large part because of the votes of former Confederates. Notably, it's why Republican Hayes won South Carolina, Florida and Louisiana, because those states were all still under reconstruction laws and restrictions in 1876.

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The kneeling Nasty Girls in California were 79th Infantry Combat Brigade, California National Guard... which tells you all you need to know about them. We also have to accept the fact that in certain areas, Americans as a whole are more conservative than many soldiers or LEOs. In other cases, these could be the same people who would enforce a red flag law without blinking, and don't question the orders they are given.

As we can see in the videos too, police or guardsmen may be outnumbered and often surrounded, and their orders are to deescalate the situation and prevent more violence. Taking a knee might be some commanders idea for defusing an otherwise hostile situation, but I agree, it sends the wrong message.

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Totally made up assertion. He had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death, probably after eating what he had to avoid being caught with it. Most overdoses happen at 2.5 ng/mL - which means there was nothing anyone could have done about it, he was dead whether he had a knee on his neck or not.

No life-threatening injuries were sustained to his neck or laryngeal structures.

They could have charged the cop with manslaughter, but no. They had to charge him with second degree homicide. The cop will never be convicted of this because Floyd had a lethal dose of fetanyl in his system that could have caused the same result. And there will be more riots because the rioters refuse to confront facts. This autopsy totally sinks the case.

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Focus on radical bookstores and "spaces" in different cities, that's where they meet and organize. Private meeting space is usually offered outside of normal business hours.


  • Bluestockings

  • Revolution Books

  • ABC No Rio (closed)


  • A Space

  • Wooden Shoe Books


  • Lucy Parsons Center


  • In Other Words (closed)


  • Revolution Books

...to name a few. Do a search for "radical bookstores" or "worker owned & run bookstore" or similar and guaranteed you will find where they organize.

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Please don't spread FUD - the truth is bad enough.

The patch on their uniforms in the video from California had a Captain Koenig of the 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, California National Guard, along with a Sergeant First Class with a 101st Airborne patch on the right and a 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team patch on the left. You will see that if someone was deployed to a combat zone in a different unit than the one they are in now - right sleeve is the unit you were in combat with, the left sleeve is the unit you are currently with. That's why things look mismatched.

The truth is that if they are "siding" with their home state and they are making political statements and taking sides with the protests and against police, that means we're in a way more precarious situation as a country.

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Justice means justice, and facts are facts.

It means, if Floyd ingested all the fentanyl and other drugs he had, and that's what caused him to stop breathing, it doesn't matter if it "looks like" the restraining officer killed him - it doesn't matter if he was begging for breath and didn't know why he couldn't breathe - if the drugs killed him and not the officer (i.e. there are no life-threatening injuries to the neck or windpipe), then the officer cannot be charged with murder, and the officer will walk on this charge.

If the officer did something that was bad, but wasn't the thing that actually killed Floyd, then he can't be charged with murder.

The officer wasn't charged with unauthorized use of force, or manslaughter. He was charged with second degree murder. And it won't stick. And there will be more riots and more violence. And that is exactly the intent of AG Ellison who knows damn well that Floyd died of an overdose from swallowing the drugs the officers were going to catch him with.

OP isn't garbage, he isn't a dumbass, he's actually using critical thinking skills.

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Here's the autopsy report: [archive link is messed up] https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/residents/public-safety/documents/Autopsy_2020-3700_Floyd.pdf


I. Non-life threatening blunt force injuries

II. Severe heart disease, high blood pressure

III. No life-threatening injuries, including to neck or laryngeal structures

IV. Positive for traces of 2019-nCoV RNA (COVID-19)

V. Hemoglobin S quantitation of 38% (he had sickle cell disease)

VI. Positive for Fentanyl, Norfentanyl, Methamphetamine, THC, Cotinine (nicotine), morphine and Caffeine

And yes, hennepin.us is owned and registered to the Hennepin county government -- https://www.whois.com/whois/hennepin.us -- this is legit.

Take from the above what you will...

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If they come armed, they will be met by suburban dads in Hawaiian shirts with crazy unkempt beards wearing level IV plate carriers, driven mad by kids playing Fortnite and making Tik-Tok vids non-stop for for two FUCKING months now -- a phalanx of 30-somethings and 40-somethings in pickup trucks who want nothing more than to get that damn Baby Shark song out of their head.

Stay and burn your cities; the suburbs will eat you alive.

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Also, Primary against a RINO in PA01:

JUNE 2, 2020

PA01 - Andy Meehan



Incumbent (R)ino Brian Fitzpatrick voted for red flag gun laws, and recently said he would vote for Biden over Trump. Meehan is 100% pro-Trump.

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Exactly. They are doing it because they are communists, essentially. But they understand that the first step to realizing something is to simply pretend that it exists. Our country resisted communism for decades because we actually called them what they were - after the end of the Cold War, we stopped. And they have proliferated ever since.

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  • They'll never let Trump become the candidate; the rules being on our side mean nothing

  • They'll never let Trump win the election; the rules being on our side mean nothing

  • They'll never let Trump get sworn in; the rules being on our side mean nothing

  • They'll never let Gorsuch/Kavanaugh get confirmed; the rules being on our side mean nothing

  • They'll never let Trump stay in office; the rules being on our side mean nothing

  • The courts will never strike this down; the rules being on our side mean nothing << YOU ARE HERE

Defeatist black pill BS. The question isn't whether they care about the Constitution, the question is, do you? If the answer is no, you're on the wrong website kiddo.

And yeah, I get the whole "this country is a corpse being eaten by maggots - the liberals are cheering for the maggots and the conservatives are cheering for the corpse" vibe of your comment. Again, you're on the wrong website.

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