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I am well aware. That is 12 business days that HAVE NOT OCCURRED YET.

During that time, I am very hopeful that things will come together. Our votes are cast. In my case, Trump won the state. In other states, it is very clear those votes got flipped and Trump's team will fight for those to be resolved.

Short of you and what army taking to the streets to "kill commies" before then is a premature reaction.

Wait. Hold the line. If Trump claims "cross the Rubicon" and goes for the insurrection act, fine.

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Calm down for a hot sec there man. There aren't any ways out of this scenario "now". It will take some time.

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It did play a factor, not the main cause, but a factor.

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Our numbers? There were 500K+ people in DC literally a week ago with one week notice. Give it time. This week contains a federal holiday and little will happen. Next week I would expect some things to actually start to take shape.

Violence is not the answer here. Period. Unless the left starts it wholesale...

I had a longer response here but it wouldn't post. 79 days of hell Alex Jones is the most violent scenario and I doubt it happens.

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So far, 23 doomers and people who threaten physical violence on this website with regularity downvoted this post. I'm tired of it. Wait. Give it until at least 12/4 before you come in here with your doomer shit.

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You should see /pol/ right about now. Shill insanity.

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She also says that the GSA is not equipped for the scenraio we now find ourselves in and wants the laws governing the administration office changed. Based.

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Based on what I saw today, nothing will change or happen. Biden will be in for Michigan thanks fo spineless Republicans and evil Democrats. This needs a court challenge to the very process itself. Or if fraud is delcared by the court and ballots are discarded as a result and Trump wins, the board will probably be forced to certify for Trump as a result. I have no faith in this happening or the process now. None.

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