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It's so beautiful. Some pede gave me the idea earlier to head to eddit and pretend like Kamala is a great pick because of X reasons. You can tell how easy these people are to brainwash. I'm now just goading all of the smoothbrains into tearing each other, Kamala, Joe and the whole party to shreds with simple leading statements. Been great entertainment for hours now

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I absolutely would not and it's a good thing to keep an eye on

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Haha this idea was so brilliant that I made a similar type post of my own. ๐Ÿคฃ I couldn't resist

Edit: They're biting it hook, line and sinker. Kamala represents law and order and we (the dumbocrats) are all about law and order! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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What's funny about ACAB is it was actually originally used by white supremacists. If you're paying enough attention it makes perfect sense that the dems and BLM would be using it, but I doubt they're that self aware.

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Yep... Somewhere some Chinese slave driver is lining up all his shills behind their computers and cracking the whip

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I'd love to believe what you're saying is true but I know that it's just part of the kayfabe they're creating that will facilitate widescale voter fraud.

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You've never met a sanctimonious judge? I guess you've had a very fortunate run. I deal with them all the time, too. There are television shows dedicated to sanctimonious judges

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Agreed. The government can't just go around shooting its citizens for loose reasons. It's just a bad precedent and to suggest otherwise is very short sighted. Imagine if it was commonplace- Obama's crew would have shot up all the Bundy ranch folks

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Chris Rock said they shouldn't call it "Insurance" they should call it "In case shit" because in case shit don't happen you get your money back

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I understand what you're saying and like I said-- the vast majority of people understand the fact that it is coming mostly from LA and San Fran areas. That fact is not lost on them. But as I also said it doesn't change the actual effect California has on other states. If you say nice things to someone while punching them in the face they're going to mostly respond to the fact that you're punching them, not the nice things you're saying. California, as a state, is mostly punching conservative states because they export mostly leftism and have disproportionate electoral power that leans heavily left. Not difficult to understand if you remove yourself from the California bubble.

Also, for the record I love California and a lot of people there. Just despise what they're doing to our country.

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I.... Quite specifically.... As in.... If you just fucking read.... Said...

"Nobody is specifically talking shit about California conservatives."

So the fact thatyou wrote what you wrote and you said I am the insecure one is absolutely hilarious. What are you, 12? Show up and vote. We are rooting for you. But your state is a giant faggot right now

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Her continual rise to fame after No Doubt was strange to me. Her music was certifiable garbage. All of a sudden she's this national icon and I'm like... Wait a sec... Isn't this the Ska punk broad from No Doubt?

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It's hilarious when the Californians get all triggered and make posts like this and others the past few days. I've seen it happen several times going back to eddit TD days.

Like you said-- "Neat. Who gives a fuck?". It's as useless of a statistic as saying "There were X% of Germans that didn't like the Nazis". In the end those X% didn't do shit to stop the Nazis from rampaging through Europe. It ranks as one of the most useless statements in the history of mankind.

I get it that Californians are proud of California and there's a lot of people there of all types. Nobody is specifically talking shit about California conservatives. They are speaking about what the state GENERALLY represents, which is Democrat policies. The nuance of the fact that LA and San Fran drive most of that is not lost on the people making those comments. The fact remains that GENERALLY California exports massive amounts of leftism that has a real impact on conservative people from conservative states' lives through federal policy due to the ridiculous amount of power your GENERALLY blue state holds in congress. Also from your idiotic fellow California citizens who up and move to red states. No amount of California pride is going to change that fact so stop being butt hurt.

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Agreed with most of what you've said. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Honestly I don't really buy the generational blame game. It's too broad. I'm not sure if I'm a tweener between X or millennial or what but I'm probably mostly a millennial. Some of us from my age group fought in 2 wars, and bore the entire weight of that sacrifice on an incredibly small number of backs, with the press and the public aligned against us.

Gen X was the generation in control of the education system and a lot of local government during those years. They're the ones that pushed for trophies for everyone and all of this other nonsense, so it's probably more appropriate to criticize them to be honest. I guarantee you if the shit goes down there's gonna be a very, very hardcore and scary group of millenials who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq involved.

Again tho I'm not about generational blame. I'm about families that keep American values alive. There's tons of based Z'ers, X'ers, Millenials, you name it

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Idaho is really trying to solidify itself as most based state in the US, aren't they?

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Sounds like a great endorsement for Trump. Dumbass Nancy

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Yeah... sorry about that. There's a fine balance between being depressive and seeing the true nature of the problem. In all honesty we've been in a constitutional crisis since the late 90s/early 2000s and it has been accelerating. I truly think Trump tried to come into POTUS with good faith and right the ship, but that the one thing we've learned is just how deep the swamp is and how sticky the quagmire we are in is. At some point we are either going to break free of it politically or we are going to have to take matters into our own hands. The commies have shown a willingness to, the question is at what point do we?

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