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There is a ridiculous amounts of gingers that that convert to Islam (male) and exclusively fuck Africans (females).

It is, very weird.

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I'm not racist. If facts are racist, then so be it in anyone's mind, I'm guilty. Facts over feelings you anti-intelligence faggots!!!

Central Asian is where it happened. Siberia's perpetual burning peat bogs is where fire was controlled. A safe means to 'play with fire'. Forest fires, lightning strikes and other incidental fires would never take hold as a means to understand how to control, and create, and NOT FEAR, fire.

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Recent history; Rhodesia & S. Africa. Run by Eurasians. Successful. Everyone benefiting. Sub-Saharans take over. Now third world. Rhodesia, btw, is now Zimbabwe. Check out their inflation and economy. Shit. South Africa, forced out if not genocided whites, especially farmers. Now a starving country. South Africa once was a country that could test nukes. Now they can't even feed themselves. 30 years.

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There's two sub-breeds that evolved to modern humans. Asiatic and sub-Saharan.

One group controlled fire, seafaring, agriculture, metallurgy, created the wheel, created writing, and created civilizations.

The other group sold their kind to slavery, even today, still eat pigmies like they're cattle, even today, are still 3rd world after trillions of dollars pumped into them, and spent 40,000 years in Australia inventing a stick.

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There's been some movies that slipped through the Entertainment Industrial Complex to red pill the masses. Red Dawn, 1984, They Live. And this. Oh and Death Wish.

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Try liveleak, that where I saw him getting attacked and fleeing.

Spez: on mobile or I'd link. A phone research is fucking hell.

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Hey, you made it! Come join the party here!

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There's some scenes that give that impression. I think its the opening of the movie that came after the one Gary Oldman died, had some creepy touchy-feely going on.

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I would agree with you except Western Society has basically eliminated Darwinism.

The herd has to get culled, at some point.

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