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Just how big of a Trump supporter are you?

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Isn’t the coroner who says it’s murder the same one that autopsied Epstein?

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Usually either Trump should do more, or Trump is doing to much. Or he’s talking too much. Or silent. The usual.

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Our constitution mandates that law enforcement is a state and local government responsibility.

The quest to federalize it in some way is a quest towards Marxism.

Look at all the things the left wants to do - free college, police reform, health insurance - every one of these are things that are specifically stated by the constitution as being left to the states.

That is why the left pushes these things - it’s to suck the last bits of life out of the state governments and consolidate all power at the federal level. Don’t fall for their tricks.

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It’ll be something else. In February, right after the impeachment fail, I said to prepare for a shitshow until Election Day. But even I have been surprised at how far they have gone. There is no stopping. There is no turning back. We MUST get Trump re-elected.

I expect more of the unexpected right up to Election Day. What exactly? No clue. But it’ll be big. I assume when kids get back to school, there will be a big shoot-em-up in some liberal stronghold with many lives lost.

But I suspect there will be a lot more. Gird your loins. The deep state and globalist shills will not go down without the fight of the century. Our part is to ensure Trump gets 4 more years.

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TIL Target and Starbucks are “small businesses”.

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This is a question for mods, and not appropriate for a post.

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That’s because the “miracle” (for pharma profits) drug remdesivir, just failed it’s initial test. No effect at all. So NYT will be back to being able to report the truth.

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It didn’t stop Obama from spying on Trump or targeting nonprofits that leaned the “wrong way”, politically, either. Fortunately, DJT rises far above Obama (which would be almost impossible not to do).

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Complete anarchy will never rule the blue shitholes. Only carefully controlled made-for-TV anarchy will be allowed. They’ll be arresting people for having a restaurant at 27% capacity when the limit is 25% in a few months. MMW.

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I live in a small town in Texas. I don’t feel fucked at all.

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When your President leaves things that the constitution says is for state and local governments to the state and local governments. Sorry, desperate attempt #83,276 is failing, just like all the others. Enjoy your defeat.

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Yes. They want to be surrounded and arrested and thrown in jail. Yes. Yes. Yes. They will resist, and want you to use force. Yes. Yes. Yes. They will hit you and want you to respond back brutally. Yes. Yes. Yes. They want a made for TV movie of Trump’s army beating or killing a black “protester”. Fortunately, Trump is smarter than you and will only respond as requested by a state to help the state.

Crack open your constitution and you’ll be surprised to find that the police are the purview of local and state governments. NOT the federal government. Just like with the Coronavirus, which failed because Trump was smart enough to defend the constitution and make the state’s responsible for reopening, so to will Trump be smarter than you and make sure the states are responsible for this violence.

That’s why the blue states are doing nothing. They want the violence. They want the federal government to swoop in uninvited and produce a massive made-for-TV movie on federal violence over its citizens. Police, and law and order, are for the states. Full stop.

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That’s what they want. That is all they are after. You want to give them everything. Why? That’s the only question I have.

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