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Yes. Voting for Trump-ENDORSED House Reps and Senators is just as important as voting for Trump.

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It literally spreads disease if you get close to it.

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Long time defender of corrupt Democrats, Alan Dershowitz has been uncharacteristically sucking up to Trump. He's wanted to weasel in to Trump's confidence so he could control him and protect himself and his corrupt party.

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Anyone else sucker punched by this news? Truly devastating. We lost a wonderful, great man who could’ve easily been President in 2024.

He was a huge threat to the left. I am very suspicious and furious.

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GEOTUS announced yesterday that Kodak would be manufacturing active drug ingredients for the US to help reduce the reliance on other countries for critical drugs.

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I knew Ellen was a mean psycho when I saw her gleeful reactions to people being demeaned in the games she had on her shows.

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Description of one of his Bitchute vids: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/zn6KHk8IGW44/

Highly Respected Ep 2: Give Me Applebee's Or Give Me Death

On the second episode of Highly Respected, Scott Greer is joined by Nightmare Vision. The two discuss the conservative obsession with sacrificing thousands of lives to save the economy


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Because a lot of people are organizing to have their kids homeschooled. Ohhh nooo, the marxists are losing control of brainwashing the children!

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This gives me hope that the good people do have courage, will band together, and will win.

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He’s constantly trying to persuade you and he’s said all along that he’s “left of Bernie.” So don’t ever think he’s based.

Idk why you’d want to tweet Legalize Fentanyl at him when his stepson was killed by it. Why?

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They’ll kneel next game, watch.

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Other people who state their views and beliefs at work GET FIRED.

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