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How would Tucker know anything about Kushner influencing Trump? Does Tucker sit in the Oval Office during discussions? Does Trump confide in Tucker about his decision making? No

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True! It will stick on their clothes and skin so they’ll smell it as soon as they take off their masks.

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She’s so right! Blacks are not oppressed or victims! Violence is wrong, police brutality is wrong no matter what color!!

White privilege Is a concept that makes these white activists feel so superior to blacks. They love it. It’s cringey as hell.

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They’ll wear gas masks. Several already do, with goggles, to avoid pepper spray and tear gas.

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Placing “white privilege” at the center of the problem also places white people in the leading role.

With that in mind, it suddenly becomes clear why so many young white Americans have been drawn to radicalism: not just because they have been indoctrinated by their elite colleges or by Hollywood, but also because in a world where “white privilege” is the decisive issue, they can be the leaders. Ironically, “white privilege,” as an idea, gives whites more power.

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Video or it didn’t happen.

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And I love the snipers on the roof.

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He did. First one to do so. Obama turned out to be the most corrupt asshole president in US history. That's his legacy.

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Now she wants you in your business defending it from looters and facists, so there’s person-to-person violence.

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If they’re blocking or climbing on your car you’re allowed to drive away. It’s self defense. You’re not allowed to aim your car at anyone.

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