LittleBlackKat 1 point ago

AG Barr is still upset that POTUS did not hold a bogus press conference to announce Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Barr had to do it himself and looked like a total fool. I don't think Barr is going to do anything substantive to move prosecution forward. His last name describes his role.

We might get more low-level cronies to retire with comfortable pensions and fat 401Ks, but I can't see Barr going after his butt buddies.

LittleBlackKat 8 points ago

She is a muslim engaged in violent jihad on American soil. She would, if we had sane governance, be stripped of citizenship and sent to a military prison where she would rot for the rest of her life.

Enemy soldier, not a citizen.

LittleBlackKat 2 points ago

If the communist indoctrination mosques can't be open in time for the school year, then let the kids do online classes where parents can monitor what is being taught.

Like Candidate Trump said during his 2016 campaign for President, "...we're taking education local!". It's time to make this happen.

LittleBlackKat 1 point ago

What about the red and yellow people? Don't they have impactful and inspiring stories to tell? And white people, too; they have the best stories.

LittleBlackKat 2 points ago (edited)

We used to crank out this kind of stuff on green-and-white tractor feed paper froms using the Burroughs B6800 mainframe that ran our university network. Also had a great multi-user Star Trek game we got play when no one was on the network.

We were genuinely excited when we got the B6800 upgraded to 512KB of RAM.

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