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POTUS already lining up his next Supreme Court pick.

Let's Goooooooooooo!

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Remember. Today is Friday. In mosques and madrassas across the country, imams will be preaching violence and sedition against America. These enemy scumbags should all be deported from America. They hate us, our culture, and our God.

Fuck Islam.

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Get your kids out of these White Abuse Centers. Public Schools are worse than prison. Your kids are abused, brainwashed, harassed, shamed, and belittled...if they're white.

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It is the absolute, very least the FBI will do. And they do it grudgingly. If they could get away with it, the FBI would simply ignore these threats. Hell, I would not be surprised if the FBI is behind the threat to begin with. The FBI just cannot be trusted.

Director Wray is a fucking enemy of the American people. How this freak is not in prison is beyond me.

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Get rid of these fucking masks, Governor DeSantis. I cannot stand not being able to see people's faces. It's weird, creepy, and completely unnatural. Human beings communicate nonverbally through facial expressions and forcing people to put a fucking filthy rag over their face makes that impossible. Everyone looks a like a criminal about to rob a bank.

2019 - wear a mask into a bank, get arrested and maybe even shot and killed.

2020 - don't even think about going into a bank unless you wear a mask and look like a criminal.

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lol Anything with Barr or Durham should have the Shitpost flair. Just to keep things real.

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30 days to stop the spread, people. We're almost there.

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They have zero self awareness. ZERO.

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Wouldn't it be nice if the DOJ just did their fucking jobs with out the American people having to grovel?

It's clear that Omar is a high-ranking muslim officer in the ongoing Jihad for America. She is openly engaged in jihad on American soil. She is not an American, she is an enemy soldier and should be taken into custody by the US Military, stripped of citizenship, and held in GITMO where she can rot for the rest of her disgusting, filthy muslim life. And her entire extended family should be rounded up, stripped of any legal status in the USA, and deported back to the Islamic shit hole that spawned them.

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