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In some sense I understand the mindset. The campaign saw they were getting a huge influx of obviously fake ticket claims (not hard to tell), and they wanted to turn the tables on them, attempting to turn it into a positive story.

And it worked, until it didn't.

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Killer performance from Trump though, which is one positive from the night. He didn't seem rattled in the slightest.

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That was a bone-headed move by Parscale for three reasons:

  1. Some people probably believed that there actually were a limited number of tickets, and that the extra hundreds of thousands given out were just overflow in case of no-shows.

  2. Some people who did know that it was first come first serve, probably didn't want to head down to Tulsa for an event that sounded like the streets would be packed to the gills with tens of thousands of people.

  3. Even if 30k people did show up, you'd still have the lamestream media talking about how they "fell short" even though a million is clearly not realistic to almost everyone.

I'm glad this change is being made.

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Sizin' up
I'm gonna haul 'em up by a chain
Chop his ass up

part flows so damn well it's incredible.

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It works for this video.

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This made me genuinely laugh out loud

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"B-b-but the polling lead is larger than Hillary vs Drumpf! Gonald Gumpf is finished!!"

Creepy Joe will have even less enthusiasm than Hilldawg for three reasons:

  1. He can't potentially be the first female president.

  2. The fact that Trump hasn't caused WW3 and America still stands is an unavoidable objective reality (among other much grander, subjective accomplishments, although the pre-Covid economy and the rebound aren't really subjective either but they're treated like it). Easily scared people are not desperate to make sure Trump isn't in office this time around.

  3. His declining mental faculties/ potentially being the oldest president of all time, by far.

That being said:

Don't get complacent

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It's not misleading due to population representation, whites are killed more per police interaction.

More whites are killed per capita among people who actually negativity interact with cops, you know, the people who matter in this type of conversation.

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Yeah almost every post on this subject focuses on the worldwide number, I don't understand it.

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New Ben Garrison signature?

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I get that on my Chrome homepage on mobile sometimes. I'm 90% sure it's due to the browser grabbing the icon for Cloudflare (the page that pops up before loading .win sometimes), as it also changes the name from "The Donald" to "Just a moment" (the Cloudflare text)

It comes and goes. And I'm pretty sure there's no way around it, since this is a browser issue.

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It's not true. It's referencing a screenshot of a triggered redditor who claimed as much, saying they were frightening by it, but it was hyperbole.

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Absolutely. But they're not supposed to look nice. Function completely trumps form in commerical, working class spaces, as opposed to residential.

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Fucking lol at commies trying to represent America with a damn truck stop.

People don't live there folks, you'd probably know this is you knew... anything at all.

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CEO is based.

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