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Only the most based ones of russian descent.

you can modify an AK47 to fire 9x19 from Soumi magazines. I suppose you could mod an AK to fire 762tok.

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They pulling out all the stops after blocking and deriding conservative concern about obama's legitimacy.

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The one value of the tok is that it is similar to 9x19 but you can have a lighter bullet in a smaller package rather than trying to upscale a light bullet to 9mm size, so it can be full lead with a jacket instead of relying on light weight metals like coppers with a larger mathematical area.

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762 tok is basically an identical loading to 9x19. The difference being a slightly neck down cart and a light projectile.

Its purpose designed to be awesome, but you can get similar ft/lb and velocity results by putting a 60 grain in 9x19. Like liberty civil defense all copper hollow point ammo.

I dunno why there arent moreconversion kits out there for making other guns into 762 tok.

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"we are going to increase the number of choices by banning the creation of new ICE driven cars"

What a political.

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Yeah but even 15 year olds listen to old music and get their cringe on.

Lots of people listen to 60s to 80s music at 18-25 year olds. I know. Theres a scene of people devoted to it.

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Please be an edgy 15 yearo ld and not a 30 year old or older male..

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Lol @ thinking 18-22 year olds have money or the brains to understand their rights are trampled and the need to attack the govt with lawsuits.

Look fat, the truth is that we don't teach Civics in school anymore. We don't teach people's rights, we don't teach logic and reason, we don't teach self-reliance and we certainly don't teach that its okay and even necessary to bring lawsuits against the city or state or country for criminal acts.

What we do in society is call people seeking a redress of grievances karens and kens.

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Having watched the end of the video, they were completely encircling that car and preventing it from leaving.

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This looks uncomfortably exactly like antifa/blm.

Surrounding a car. Preventing the car from moving.

This is essentially a form of false imprisonment, just like antifa/blm blockades.

The person drives relatively slow to get away, and people start attacking the vehicle.

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Now do the self-help industry which makes millions telling women that everything is men's fault and they're stunning and brave and perfect no matter what they do.

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they will meet serious resistance if they try to take away guns.

They're already straw purchasing the U.S. presidency for Kamala harris by running brain dead biden.

They're already burning down the entire country.

They've already chipped away at gun ownership for 50 years.

They've already told you that your first amendment rights no longer exist, you can't go where you want when you want.

The guns are not coming out, because breads and circuses make for comfortable controlled lives.

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