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Roberts was never one of us, so he’s just showing his true colors.

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The difference between them and us occurred to me on the interstate yesterday waving to a fellow MAGA:

When we congregate we are happy. When they congregate they slide deeper into misery.

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Michael Moore says if Trump things he’s going to win, then he’s going to win. This sounds awfully good to me.

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GOAT for sure (except maybe Washington). Lincoln, Teddy R, Reagan all fine, but this guy is playing a different game.

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To be fair, the kids might have figured BLM-Antifa would be burning the place down tonight.

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Trump changed the whole game. Obama looks about as charismatic as an STD now.

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But if they formed a human chain to entirely shut the interstate down, that would be perfectly OK, right?

Fuck Democrats.

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This is what the Romans used to do. If a Roman citizen was captured or harmed in one of the provinces in North Africa or something, they were known to despatch an entire legion to go hunt and kill the perpetrators.

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I’m not sure if people realize this yet, but if Trump wins re-election based on big minority support, it will be a glorious day for the United States. It will put race relations back on the track to mending, when Obama and the media spent a decade trying to destroy them.

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It’s ok Pede. Trust me, it won’t turn out well for them. They think they’re so clever, and all they’ve done is made Trump the only choice.

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You know whose user growth is impressive?

TD.win baby.

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Actually, no. Because that coddling would promote weakness, and you would death spiral down. Stay strong.

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You're misunderstanding. Their business is not to be accurate. Their business is to provide whatever content their paymasters desire. Those paymasters are leftist media and the billions in Soros and Big Tech money.

They won't go out of business. They are providing exactly the product requested.

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Put “Green New Deal” on this as a label and I think you’ve got a top 10 meme.

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