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Pede, thank you.

In and amongst the flood of memes (okay, I'm guilty too), this article was an awesome palate cleanser for the mind.

Thank you for that.

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Oh shit! My sides! Oh shit...

This place got no friggin' brakes!

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Not too much, fren. Crank that shit up to 11 and let's ride!

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Buckle Up, because this place has got no brakes!

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You. Win.


The Entire Internet.

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Senpai Noticed!

(/me squeals in schoolgirl...)

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...and it likely won't end until these fucks are walking countryside highways, begging for (or just stealing) food and shelter from anyone or anywhere they can procure any from. Even then, most will stand there in shock as their compatriots get shot/killed and told by the residents to move the fuck on to the next town...

Seriously, they do not get it. Red-pilling can be fast and simple for some, but usually it takes years of patience, careful effort, and an amazing amount of debunking bad information.

These parasitic fucks destroyed places like next-door Oregon in the 1970s-1980s. They destroyed Washington, Arizona, and Colorado in the 1990s-2000s. They're aiming for Texas and Florida now. They always hate the oppression and expenses they're fleeing, but never quite comprehend why it is that their former home turned into such a shithole.

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(Nevermind that w/ no timber industry there anymore, the Josephine County Sheriff's Department literally was defunded...)

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Heh - wait'll the shit turns gray. Don't ask me how I know that.

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Yes and no. Funny thing about tech - if the code won't compile, no amount of screaming about genderfluid hormonal issues will make it compile. If the server is still down after xer has banged on it for a couple of hours, no drum circle on Earth will bring it back up.

The marxist trash that gets into our field tends to wash out of it real damned quick if they're incompetent. Still gotta know that math to get the code to work. The only ones that survive are the ones who keep that political shit out of the office, or are good enough at it that they're given assignments and otherwise ignored.

(...and seriously? I am the hiring manager for my team; the very first thing I do if I see a candidate I like is to troll their LinkedIn profile. If it's full of bullshit hard-political spew, I shitcan their resume and move on. If they list personal pronouns next to their name, it gets shitcanned even faster. If they can't see fit to keep politics the fuck out of a website devoted to career improvement, then they won't keep it out of my team, so fuck 'em. I'm just one point of data, but I know for fact that I'm not alone.)

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Former teacher here, and yeah, you're dead-on.

Fuck these over-pampered cowards. They can sit there and whine, while millions of working mothers are hauling their asses to work long hours at grocery stores, warehouses, retail outlets (that are considered 'essential' anyway)...

Too many of them were worthless, glorified babysitters before COVID, and are even moreso now. You can usually tell by responses like the ones you reposted.

Willing to bet my next four paychecks that the moment the district says "we need to stop paying teachers until they start teaching again, because cutbacks", that every AFT/NEA member in the house will start screaming to re-open classrooms again.

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By the public restrooms on the park's north side, they found 20 protesters gathered around a small device, examining and dismantling it. One of the protesters explained to the reporters that the group had just evaded several thrown pipe bombs.

"Two of these were thrown at us by a gentleman who disappeared back into the woods," the protester said, asking that her name be withheld out of concern for her safety. "This is a Ziploc bag full of gunpowder, taped as tight as it can go, fit into [a PVC pipe], and the idea is that it would explode. But only one went off. This one was a dud," she said, gesturing to the dismantled contents.

"Five minutes later, one or two other gentlemen came from the dark parts of the area and threw one or two more and they exploded," she added, saying the group was lucky the first bomb was a dud because it gave them a moment to step back before the second exploded.

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Truth on not buying calibers you don't have... not like too many people use a .338 Lapua, FFS

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Was it in the same lake that swallowed my boat? Man that place is treacherous!

My condolences on your loss. May I help guide you through the process of filing a claim?

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Gotta know how to look. ammoseek.com is a good place to start, sicne they list the latest/greatest deals and who sells them. You will have to jump on it pretty quick in some cases, though.

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Waiting for the papers to call the fucker an innocent jogger in 3... 2... 1...

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When I first moved out to the sticks, They all said I couldn't get internet access, and maybe they'd get around to it when they felt like it. So I paid $160/mo for an uncapped 25mpbs Sat. Internet connection (was called Exede, now it's ViaSat.) Wrote it off on my taxes as a home office expense. It was lagtastic, but it worked well enough for the VPN at work, never dropped once (even during heavy snowstorms), and I always got 25mbps, full-stop.

Took less than a year for a local ISP to suddenly start dropping DSLAMs along the state highway nearby and offer everyone the same speed in DSL.

If Portlanditis starts infecting folks out here (I'm in Oregon, but in rural Oregon, way out where the Antifa fags fear to go), I'll have no issues with selling and moving to the aforementioned middle-of-nowhere spot.

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Thanks to Work-From-Home (one of the few good things the 'rona has brought us!), this dynamic may change very hard, very fast, and very soon.

I can live in Middle-Of-Nowhere Nebraska, and as long as I have electricity and a clear shot at the southern sky for Satellite Internet, I can work the same job for the same six-figure salary as the dipshit lefty in downtown San Jose... and bonus, my mortgage payment would be lower than his monthly Starbucks tab.

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Hope that pede got out in one piece... betting his apartment didn't.

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Speaking as a resident of a once-red-now-blue-as-fuck state (Oregon), it's easy to teach them at first... but then they arrive as a tsunami.

All of ours came from California in the 1960's-1980's.At first it started as a trickle of a few hippies out to build communes... then by the 1980s, it eventually became a flood of Californians who were running like fuck from the lefty governments they were fast creating. There wasn't enough time or enough resources to red-pill the lot of them.

I trust you can see the result today.

The good news is, we did manage to keep it mostly contained to the cities of Portland, Salem, and Bend.

Even more good news: Speaking with a lot of friends that I do have who live in Portland, most of them are rushing to either get the fuck out, or start voting "R" (if only that meant something more than lukewarm centrism in OR... * sigh *). Anyrate, the pendulum has begun to swing back to the right out this way. I figure it'll swing even harder as Portland goes full-Detroit. I'll remain in my Trump-Country rural outpost, where the work is steady, most folks are Republican, and where most lefties still fear to tread (outside of official touristy spots, natch).

Here's hoping the cycle swings sooner, faster, and harder to the Right...

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