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Oooooh shit...

Can't stop the signal, Mal!

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Ancient Secret: Powerful woman have always risen to the top. Oftentimes they were the power behind the throne, but oftentimes they were the ones getting the job done. From Deborah (of Biblical fame), to Hatsheput, to Judith of France (the first English queen - no shit), to Jeanne d'Arc, to Elizabeth I, and beyond...

They didn't let shit get in the way, either - they adapted, improvised, and overcame. No cats involved either (well, except that Hatsheput most likely worshiped one once in awhile, but...)

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Bet ol' Keith doesn't think he's a badass anymore.

I wonder if his new cellie will brand his ass before violating it?

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Been there a couple of times... it's insanely swank. Built in what used to be the DC USPS headquarters if memory serves (or it was the main post office, I forget which.)

Staff there are awesome, friendly, and the food they serve is beyond belief good.

It'll cost you a pretty penny, but if you ever find yourself in DC and can afford it... do it!

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You should see LinkedIn right now... they posted a featured thread on ACB, and it's a total shitshow in the comments sections.

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I'm okay with that happening to Oregon.

Thanks to the Antifa fucktards out there shitting all over Portland nearly every night since April-May, it might just happen.

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This, right here.

Most small businesses which are still open have "Help Wanted" signs out. The grocery stores are hiring. I know if my family were on the brink of going without meals, I wouldn't be a basement-dwelling leech on my parents while angsting on reddit, I'd be working at these non-glamorous jobs and busting ass to keep the food coming in.

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My Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine only holds 5 rounds. I believe most Mosins have the same capacity.

I think it's holding a Mosin though, but you're right - too lo-rez to know for certain.

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That's precisely where I went with it. This way, they'll be a bit more eager to start easing up.

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My own kids moved out of the house before their 19th birthday.

They got the same speech on their 16th birthday that I got on mine:

"You have two years left here, then you have to go out on your own. I'm kicking you out at 18 - not because I hate you, but because I love you. I'm telling you this now because I want to help make you strong enough to not only survive out there, but thrive. I'm going to help you get there.

You start today by looking for a job. Every day, until you get a job, I expect you to be out there interviewing for one - especially on the weekends. Once you get that job, I expect you to start paying rent - 25% of every paycheck comes to me for rent (I put it in a savings account for each of them, and they got it all back at 18). What you do with the rest of that money is up to you, but I expect you to start buying your own clothes, school supplies, makeup, toiletries, and whatever from now on. You can now have a phone - but you have to buy it and pay for it (they both got cheapie phones and plans from Net10/Boost.)

In return, you get to have a computer in your own bedroom instead of having to use the family one (they still went through a transparent proxy I had in the house). You get to come and go as you please from 8am to 10pm, and when you turn 17 that curfew goes up to midnight. You get to use mine or your mother's car if it's available, as long as you replace any of the gas you burn.

Your mother and I will be going through your budgets every month - you will have one written out and planned for. We will be sitting you down once every month or so and discuss what you intend to do once you get out on your own, and we will be available at any time for any questions.

Do anything sufficiently stupid, and we lock you down again and start over. Fair enough?"

They're in their 20s now, and each of them are kicking ass. Neither one has had to move back home for any reason.

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The people who think she just suddenly going to somehow end abortions are just as stupid as the people on the left who think she's suddenly going to somehow end their right to have those abortions.....

True - Roe v. Wade won't die overnight.

It can however proceed to be contained:

  • Require all abortion doctors to have hospital privileges at the closest hospital (like any other outpatient surgery).

  • Require all abortion facilities to be certified by the state hospital board (many are, but some states let that slide.)

  • Heartbeat laws. If there's a beating heart, you shouldn't be allowed to proceed with an abortion unless the mother's life is in provable immediate or near-immediate (within 9 months) danger from the pregnancy.

  • Required Informed Consent. This means listing all available adoption agencies and their contact info, all government-funded pre-natal programs, etc.

  • A mandatory three-day waiting period.

etc etc etc...

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Pretty sure they'll stop running (or at least grind to a near-halt) once the libbies realize that they will be the ones who have to pay for it.

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Kinda a "1+1" gender, since a hermaphrodite is a mix of the two.

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What the court did, they cant now undo.

Actually, they can reverse previous decisions.

Roe v. Wade, no matter your position on abortion itself, is a shitty decision. Inventing rights out of "penumbras" and "emanations" is shitty jurisprudence, and even if for no other reason, that shitty bit of work is good reason enough to kick Roe v. Wade to the curb once and for all.

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Of course, there is an argument of "well if you cut us off from welfare, then we need to have abortions to get out of having kids we can't pay for".

Cool - in that case, if we the taxpayers are paying for it, a full hysterectomy happens with the abortion. I'd say hunt down the father and do an involuntary castration as well, but odds are fairly good that picking out the father is going to be a toughie for many...

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  1. Make a post.

  2. Go to your post after it shows up on New.

  3. Under the title is a list of options... one of which is "flair". Click it.

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It's there - you just have to go to YT to see it.

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Not really, since Microsoft isn't Google or Apple. They focus on making money, so they'll probably kick her bitch ass to the curb as soon as the kerfuffle dies down (which means she'll be unemployed by Wednesday.)

The days where Microsoft was a loud darling of the industry are long gone now (they left when Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer did), and Satya Nadella don't play that shit. He just wants to quietly make fuckloads of money for the long-haul.

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The ironic part is, most sane managers use LinkedIn to weed out the liberal shitheads.

(seriously I don't want some super-woke fucktard disrupting my team, so I don't hire them. LinkedIn helps me find them.)

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That, or the bombshell is that nobody's shit on iCloud can be considered secure. Even the TDS-addled will have an impossible time ignoring that one.

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