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This is what they want to kill us all to replace guys. This is what they tried to erase by kicking us off retardit

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Their retardation is hard to see tbh. Is rather be dead and blind than watch a brit tell me his country is better than mine

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They're looking at us while their own countries turn to the middle east.

They are looking at us and acting like they're smart while their own countries are already to far gone to ever have a chance imo

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Aye pede.

People also dont understand grammar. Theyve heard "nazi" their whole life but they never looked up what it meant. Yet when they do they say "he was right wing because he was a nationalist"

Excuse me lefty lurker pedes but this might help you figure out hitler was left wing.

He wasn't a nationalist socialist. He was a national socialist. That is not a nationalist. That's literally just what the Democrats are today with socialism. All they were was for nation wide socialism.

Think of it this way nazi, the national socialist german workers party, can be summed up as the "national socialists, german workers party"

The grammar matters. The nazis were socialist lefties and the "workers party" give me an odd feeling there was some communists in there too.

And even then, if those socialist sick twisted monsters were nationalists, then why did they go on to try to take over the world rather than stay in their own country and make it better like nationalists do? They were national socialists. They were the socialist party. Hitler made it a point to tell you that he was a full blown socialist. He wasn't on the right at all. The people he was throwing into the furnaces were the ones "on the right" by Hitler's own standards. When it boils down to it just like the radical left socialists today, you're right wing if you disagree with them at all. If you're to the right of karl Marx then your alt right. The nazis were on the left. They were proud left wingers.

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I agree with this. They're able to see that they're movement is being hijacked but they're too dumb to see it's all the peoole theyve been brainwashing since trump won.

When they want a less hijacked movement what they are really saying is that the antifa are making it harder for them to take out the white people and it's making their movement look too bad

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I think its sarcasm on this one. Because all the deaths go above the average elite expectancy.

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They dont believe that. They think you're wild for thinking that's even a possiblity. All they know is "he was Bidens Vp so that must mean he's great because Obama's accomplishments wont be recognized for decades and maybe even longer if we dont get trump out of office"

And thats about it

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Yeah youd think it would be embarrassing to have to pick up some loser because you got pictures of them slashing car tires for Marxism

Its like man, grow the fuck up buddy I just want to see geotus watch some fireworks. Think about my wonderful constitution and they just cant leave us alone. They ddos is here. They block us going places. They are more than excited to treat you depending on what you choose to wear on your face.

If I've been quarantined for 2 weeks. Why do I have to wear a mask? I dont understand how they seem to think we're so retarded. Buncha zombies

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At the very least they probably discovered there were people actively working against us

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Victims of the left you're right. It's sad. It's just like, I would love to have conversations with these people to see if theyve just convinced themselves of some stupid stuff and maybe a little poke or a push would solve their problems but it's kinda dangerous to do if their suicide rate is so high. I dont want to kill them just trying to have a conversation about what I believe in.

As just a regular dude, it breaks my heart to see what the radical left have been doing to my beautiful America and its people πŸ˜” if they're all victims of their own brainwashing then how are we supposed to help them if they think we are shit on the bottom of their boots

Thanks for pushing this shit to the front page and normalising it, reddit, microsoft, google, youtube, the fake news media. I cant wait until you're in you're cozy little spot in the pits of hell. You've earned it.

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Ah yes, the broadest possible scope of a viewpoint on the world I've ever seen.

Oh wait, its not a telescope it's a microscope.

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I was putting some thought into it. It might not be worth the risk of damaging the monument. If you know, rosevelts has is set back farther because the rock kept breaking when they tried to chip him out so it wouldnt be worth adding trump because me might break, and rushmore might break. Its probably safer for us to do something like build our own independant monument.

Part of me thinks something nearly indestructable right smack in the center of DC just so he never goes away even after he's gone. If trump does it. Theyll call make fun of his ego. So maybe we could figure out a way to do it

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You should look up the trans suicide rate before and after fake sex change surgery and tell me if you think there are any sane trans that exist πŸ˜‚

I know exactly what you're trying to say but I bet you a lot of pedes around here could also explain how if they're already trans theyve probably already lost their minds to some extent. We might even agree with some trans people on things but theyve already left reality to go build their own so how are you supposed to debate someone that refused to exist in facts that they cant control to their need depending how how much control over the argument they want with their virtue signaling?

I'm sorry but if I come across a chill trans person then the first thing we should be asking them is why they dont think they're making a mistake that might just get is all killed

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"Excuse me but your white supremacists nazi establishment doesnt have a designated bathroom for the people like me that identify as wet grass. We're supposed to have nothing but soil on the ground and it's your job to clean my litter box you racist nazi bigot" - democrats campaigning for 2020

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I've been arguing with a bunch of people that really feel awful close to people who left r/politics and are here pretending to be one of us.

"Hello follower trumpers, I too am for mandatory face coverings"

In america you have freedom to make a choice. Mandatory masks is a nazi move if I've ever seen one.

"Just out the mask on." "Just wear the star you're Jewish itll be cool" "Its just a traincar. Dont forget to pack your precious metals and jewlery" "Hey it's time to take a shower"

Weird how everyone at the extermination camps were just foing what they were told. I'd didnt seem like anything to weird was happening at first..

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Funny how them interfering with our freedom of assembly seems to be considered a "peaceful protest" huh?

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I used to look forward to stephen colbert monologues in school. Been here for years now. There's lots of us I think.

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