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They need to verify if this is true. Happened at 3:30 am. Could be "finance" who actually killed her. Not a lot of details.

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Progs are the biggest racists My lefty lawyer former sister in law uses the n word, but has a BLM sign on her lawn

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Education was exceptional at the start of our country. The words used, phrasing, most wouldn't understand it now or have patience to read it. We have failed with substandard education. It gets reduced to the lowest level.

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Liberal women - definition of stupidity

Conservative women ROCK

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Also fire marshall wanted restricted capacity cuz covid

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Wow. Leftist women are so ugly and rigid in their beliefs. She thinks she is scoring points, this man was one week on the job. Walk a mile in his shoes. Women and weak men will destroy this country. (I am a woman)

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Trump -The Greatest

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