Langtath [S] 4 points ago

The all CAPS gave it away. Losers can't stay on reddit so they come here. Sad.

Langtath [S] 1 point ago

You are correct. Those "doctors" will help with nothing, except making communism look good. It is PR plain and simple. How would they realistically help anyway?

Langtath [S] 3 points ago

hahaha google Michael Robinson. Man, the alg'ridderm is truly broken today. HAHAHA

Langtath [S] 20 points ago

Exactly. Easiest thing in the world to simply say the official's name. Either she wants more "inside" info, or it's made up. Either way, I guess complaining about it on Twitter is more important than her imagined "principles."

Langtath [S] 8 points ago

The one employee they left running the pipes and tubes is an undercover pede. Only explanation.

Langtath [S] 5 points ago

T_D on reddit isn't censored in the search either. Weird. Typically it shows the np version.

Langtath [S] 16 points ago

Thanks for the expanded embedded image; I missed that.

Langtath [S] 1 point ago

Reminds me of the old joke:

What does a Chinese janitor shout when he jumps out of the broom closet?

Langtath [S] 3 points ago

And what happens when "the government" decides that traditional Christian beliefs are considered hateful?

Also, you are not subsidizing anything when a company is given a tax break; it's THEIR money to begin with, not the governments. You act as if their doing us a favor when they give us a tax-break when in reality it's just a thief giving back a portion of what they stole.

Langtath [S] 3 points ago

Because he's yelLOW energy.

Langtath [S] 3 points ago

Well if there are no consequences, why would anyone NOT cheat. They've been getting away with it for years.

Langtath [S] 2 points ago

She should know we have a perfectly stable, virile, straight white male in the White House RIGHT NOW. No need to vote Buttiplugg.

Alas, she seems highly uniformed if she cast her vote for Alfred E. Neumann's stunt double without knowing about his sexual proclivities.

Langtath [S] 3 points ago

Oh, I know, I've been listening to her and Pat since the 90s too, but that's why the tenor of this entire post is so frustrating; decades have gone by with the same rhetoric, which is important, of course, but nothing was accomplished until President Trump came to office. Doomsday enthusiasts just like to criticize and provide no actions.

Should we push the President? Yes, but let's not bring negativity to the table. A positive mind can accomplish a lot, especially with dour blood-suckers surrounding the white house.

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