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This is a DOCTORED VIDEO!!! There is no way this came from 1981... he is talking about today! It would be insane to think we knew all this stuff 40 years ago and not fixed a damn thing!

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Find a good church. Without proper guidance you can easily slip down a bad path.

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This was distinctly Californian... they legalized ballet harvesting in 2018... California GOPwas flat footed. They cant let that happen again, if your in cali harvest the fuck out of some ballets this year... go to all the nursing homes, churches, homeless villages before any dem rep can... cause if they get those hands on those votes we all know how it ends

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Dont worry fam... im in a red state with a dem Gov... the Gov mandated masks but was shot down by our Legislature which gave that power to our local governments. A week later our city council voted for mandatory masks... sigh

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From Kansas... Koback isnt winning... alot of ppl look at him as weak for loosing to Kelly. I can put up with a crappy gov with everything else red in the state... I DO NOT want to loose a US Senate seat cause of a weak canidate.

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You cant post this... Reddit will delete it!

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I guess ya aint paying attention... Congress (or at least the house) has taken a 4 month rolling paid vacation... remote voting is a bullshit power grab by the wicked witch

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You would think, but i urge everyone to review their states laws on this one... i learned that ppel can block your access for a certain period of time. Specifically when our machinist union went on strike they were allowed to block access to the parkimg lot for 5 min per car... took 3 hours to get into work lmao

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These girls look a little to old for the reddit crowd... js

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Ill do ya one better... WE NEED HARVESTERS (in cali) They made that shit legal in 2018 and stole the house from us cause we got caught flat footed, how many seats did they flip?

Go get them votes in cali and flip back the house

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I mean we can force them to cover their ankles and where silly face coverings if that will stop the evil male gazes...

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So lets have smarter opinoins then low thought dummiea

Mail in voting is not necessarily bad, as its the states rights to determine election process.

Best way to do mail in voting is by having people request ballats with certified mail. Signature verification ect.

Mail in balloting must not be sent out to all registered voters, especially if voter rolls are not cleaned. If is federal law to clean voter rolls (see judicial watch). I think DOJ may have argument to stop states with dirty voter rolls from doing mail in voting. Xause we know congress is useless.

And No State should allow Mail in ballots with Ballot Harvesting... thats not even an election

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Im thinking more class action civil suits, dont need as much proof. I believe there a few open cases with google on age discrimination in hiring

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