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I saw a retarded picture?

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Not another one. I'm so tired of POTUS being put into these confrontational situations. I know he can handle it, just so sick of him having to debate two people at once.

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I know! This poor guy. I feel like he won't be remembered just because he wasn't murdered, and that's not right. People conveniently forget that if Seth Rich was still alive he'd be a Bernie Bro, NOT on our side like everyone tries to portray.

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I haven't seen this meme before. I'm glad it's sticky.

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Sadly you are correct. I could just see all the sad libs in their masks bowing to Xi. Why do they want that, it's sick! We have the most free country in the world and they would just surrender. As long as they could still have their Starbucks and spoon-fed news.

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So moved a post with 720 and 3000 upvotes COMMENTS out of stickies for this.

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Yup. I just posted on another thread that POTUS seems to know something, he's in way too good spirits, I just didn't know what. This could be it.

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There has not been a single figure in this country that has EVER rallied this much support. He will go down as a goddamn legend.

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My dark side tends to think this way too, but then I see Trump out there in such good spirits and seemingly carefree, it makes me think: he knows something. I don't know what but how on earth can the man be this cheerful and upbeat if that's all he's staring at is inevitable defeat.

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You don't wear it and never have? Good for you. I guess you've never had to fly. Good luck getting on without it.

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It will only end if they install Biden. Poof! If Trump is re-elected get ready for more shutdowns. It's all political and always has been.

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Very important notice, should be sticky.

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Why is every pic of her on here blurred??

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States still can and that's a big problem. I wish there was some way he could cancel my idiot governors state mandate, I hate it more than anything in the world right now and there's zilch I can do about it. I've been kicked out of stores, it changes no one's mind and it's humiliating.

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The guy who owns this computer repair shop is a hero, as is Rudy. Bill Barr and our DOJ on the other hand..

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