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No. They'll escape.

However, since bullets are getting expensive, I'm sure we can rig up a solution involving car batteries.

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So what did they ask Biden? "Do you like kittens?"

I don't want to fuck this cunt and catch the liberals.

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As far as I know, Legends is still based.

I'd rather watch high school level of football competency that supports this country than the pro millionaire football cucks that kneel for terrorists.

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I know two IRL trans people. Incidentally, they're both MAGA as fuck, lol - one of them back in January wanted to rent a party bus to go vote this year, but Corona-chan took a shit all over that plan. It would have been awesome first voting and then hitting bar after bar after bar to celebrate, but oh well. They're both basically normal acting and seeming people who happen to have a plumbing mismatch. It's why I'm willing to believe there may be some sort of actual physiological disorder - hormonal, maybe? - associated with being trans. I hate to make the "chemicals made the frogs gay" argument, but there's been huge spikes in other sex related hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome so I'd be willing to believe there's something afoot. It's such a weirdly specific psychiatric disorder otherwise. Real trans people are rare, rare, rare though. The pervs, though... yeesh.

I think you're right with the fetishizing, and I blame porn sickness for this as well as sort of a weird "echo chamber" behavior. Like you said regarding gaming, telling people you're female means you get freebies online from desperate men. These desperate men see women getting a free ride and get it into their heads that female life is nothing but free rides from men like them. Then they train themselves to respond to a certain image - and I mean literally train, since hitting that orgasm pleasure center in the brain hits that powerful deep emotional mechanism - and then they keep pounding that pleasure center like heroin addicts until it burns out. However, the image of Kandi Dandyholes from Anal Slut 5000 sticks in their mind as the perfect female and they know deep down that no reasonably normal woman would want them, much less the perfect 10 that they think they're entitled to, and they get a sort of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality - which is odd since the sex they'e attempting to join wants not a fucking thing to do with them. They get lovebombed by all their dipshit friends though, and that validation really speaks to their deeper desperation than any sort of actually female aspirations. It's when the rest of us won't validate their shit that they lose it. The kind of people who would let their brains bend like this obviously had a few screws loose in the first place, which is why it's the same population that can't control their sexual behavior and do shit like stalk women in a public bathroom. There was a sub on The Site That Shall Not Be Named that collected examples of this sort of thing, such as AGPs taking trophy photos of themselves sporting bare erections in a lady's bathroom. You know who else takes trophies like that? Sex predators. Before long you get pieces of shit like Decaudin AKA 'I'm going to be photographed with my bulge prominently displayed in a dress while taking away a political position from a genuinely female politician.' Why yes, I do feel erased when an obvious sex fetishist apparently makes a better female than I do ... according to the left, anyway. Another reason I say fuck them with a chainsword.

Man, I'd buy you a beer, lol.

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We did more to the Rosenbergs for less.

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From experience, it seems that much/many/most? of the MtF "lesbians" are actually sex fetishists, specifically autogynephiles - men who get off on dressing up as females. They love talking about having "euphoria" - ie, a hardon - from wearing a skirt. The cardinal sign that you're dealing with one is their weird stereotyping of femininity - think loli girl bimbo here. They'll actually tell you that after taking their estrogen "titty skittles" that they're just getting sooo stupid and forgetful just like a Real Woman, especially once they got euphoric after putting on a petticoat! It's fucking insulting.

People who are trans - actually, really, truly in their heads trans - don't treat their perceived gender identity as something worth getting a hard-on over, no more than you'd see yourself as Just So Sexy that you have to whack off after putting on a new sports coat (I'm assuming you're a guy, so sue me.) However real trans people are exceedingly rare, much rarer than perverts. It's the fucking perverts who want to invade dressing rooms, bathrooms, and female-only spaces because it's directly tied to their sexual gratification. It's also the same group of perverts that's pushing getting access to children - ever hear of Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv? Case in point example. To have a lesbian bed them is the ultimate confirmation of their perceived femininity, which is where you get them trying to get lesbians to suck soft leaky girldick because it has a uWu different mouthfeel (yup, they really say shit like this.) Getting a gay male to fuck them doesn't hit the "uWu I'm feeeemale" button because the male is still fucking another male, skirt notwithstanding. Thus these types often chase straight men or lesbians and when either fails to comply they're accused of having a gEniTaL fEtiSh (those bigots!) You'll love this article.

There's also a trend among pornsick incel types to "make their lives easier" by identifying as women because they think that ladies get a magical pass on everything. Getting a lesbian to fuck them means they've succeeded in joining the lady's club.

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There's also the argument that lesbian behavior back in the day of cavemen actually increased the survival chance of DNA. Let me explain.

It's a quarter of a million years ago and we're all living in caves. We've mastered fire, the spear, a few simple traps and some basic food preservation techniques, but that's about it. Men thus evolved to be bigger and stronger and faster than females because they had to chase and kill the mammoth. Women got much better color vision and estrogen-fueled stamina (estrogen decreases muscle fatigue rates bigly, which is why MtF trans athletes are triply unfair - male genetics plus pharmaceutical estrogen, but I digress.) Women had to chase babies through the prehistoric underbrush and also know which berries were safe and which weren't - hence why we can tell the difference between cream, eggcream, and bisque and men can't (it's all white!)

Human babies are a problem. They can't walk or run immediately after birth, they don't have a protective hide or camouflage, and they SCREAM whenever they're upset about something, attracting every predator within ear shot - and they're like this for years. They need a lot of care and maintenance from the family group, most of which fell on the female since the males were off chasing mammoths with sharp sticks.

There's a major issue with hunting, particularly in the prehistoric era - it's ten guys with fire hardened sticks pissing off aurochs, woolly rhinos, mammoths, and all sorts of big beasts that fight back when you attack them. Attrition rates among hunting males due to death and permanent injury had to have been high. You can't airlift Ogg to the trauma center when he gets trampled by a mammoth. Ogg's just gonna die.

Ogg's mate has a problem when this happens. Population density is low so it's hard to replace hunting males, children take years to mature and train, and if you happen to run into another tribe that has excess males they may not wanna join you because you're unlucky. After all, you're looking to replace hunting males who were just killed in an accident and that's clearly unlucky. She still needs quality protein to raise the children that Ogg left behind though, so what's his mate gonna do?

Well, she could try to get in with another hunting male to provide for the babies, but he may not want to because they're not his and his current wife (wives?) may not like the competition. This will lower the rate of her DNA's survival. She could also form a pair bond with another female whose mate was killed in a hunting accident and that woman can watch both their kids while she goes hunting. Granted she's not as good as the dead Ogg, but a female can take down rabbits, fish, pheasants, snakes, grouse, giant hamsters, and even something like a deer if she uses a pit trap. It's not as much meat as Ogg would have brought home, but it's enough protein to make sure their DNA survives to the next generation.

Thus, it's been argued that lesbianism is a fragment of "emergency survival protocol" behavior from the cave man days. Whether or not you believe it? I dunno - it's interesting to think about, at least.

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yOu HaVe a GeNiTaL fEtisH yOu bIgOt.

No, seriously. That's what they tell you.

/refugee from /rightwingLGBT

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I've been called a lipstick lesbian. My wife is a soft butch. We'd both crawl through broken glass to vote for Trump at this point.

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"I don't like Trump."

"You're not fucking him or inviting him home to meet your parents. Let's MAGA already."

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You saw that Uber is now delivering food to polling places in Democratic cities, right? Reminds me of when pastors used to drive poor blacks to the polling place where Democrats used to service fried chicken and fish.

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Mysteriously its only Trump stuff that spontaneously combusts.

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WH40k is a tabletop roleplaying game where you fight battles with miniatures. The IG are an army that you can choose to play. They are the equivalent of regular enlisted army handed las rifles to fight aliens. Space Marines (Adeptus Astartes) are genetically engineered supersoldiers.

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That's Adeptus Astartes armor from the Ultramarine Chapter, from Warhammer 40k. Specifically he's dressed up as an HQ unit equipped with a bolt pistol, a power sword, and an Iron Halo relic.

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IIRC the Thoth-Moses thing is mostly that Moses was in Egypt under Thutmose I, which means "son of Thoth." It's one of the justifications you hear for Moses really existing because supposedly he pops up in Egyptian history under that pharaoh. Don't know how true it is.

You can really go down the really weird esoteric rabbit hole though where Hermes the Thrice-Great was granted his incredible wisdom from drinking from a cup carved from emerald, the same emerald that supposedly fell out of Lucifer's breastplate (you know, archangel of wisdom) when God punted him out of Heaven, the same cup that would later be known as ... The Holy Grail. Tadah, we went from Hermes the Thrice Great to Jesus in a couple of steps. It's also why his emerald tablets were carved from emerald.

It's a good story, anyway.

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