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Big surprise, a chinese study showing that Hydroxychloroquine isn't effective against the chinese virus is being touted by lefty media.

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Again, I disagree. Owning a yacht is in the magnitude of millions and millions of dollars. The average Doctor salary in the US is $105k. Not really yacht money. Not remotely guaranteed. That's not even taking into account education costs

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No I still disagree. While I guess it’s possible to be able to afford a yacht on a doctors salary, it is by far the exception, not the rule

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They do have a fancy antiviral drug that is being used in clinical trials: remdesivir

Which, obviously is a shit load more expensive and comes from only one single pharma company. If it works, then yes I'm happy a new drug can combat this disease, but if the Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin ALSO works, then the pharm companies aren't going to be happy and you'll continue to see people rail against the cheaper solution

EDIT: aaaaaaaaaaand the company has stopped the trial for that other drug

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There’s also a drug called Remdesivir that is also showing promise. That drug is harder to get and probably more expensive, but I don’t think this shit is gonna kill all of us. It’s time to get our economy back on track

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Well, the first thing a doctor must do is "do no harm", and it's not a harmless drug, its got side effects that we've known about for a while. It was probably a gut reaction to say "that's a dangerous drug, its not proven to do anything, maybe we shouldn't" but it doesn't sound like it took a ton of convincing to the doctor before he decided, ok, lets do it

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Are regular folks who are Dems with TDS really happy that that got nuked too? Or is it just Pelosi being a harpy and trying to keep this crisis going for as long as possible?

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Both of the drugs are harsh drugs, they have side effects. But they have been around forever, they’re not exotic drugs, and the studies point to them being effective. Best news regarding the Chinese Virus yet

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Never go full retard. Just ask Sean Penn

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Yeah sort of the devil you know situation. It is a new virus so people are losing their minds, while flu has killed more but we know what that is and it’s not scary and the media isn’t pushing it down our throats

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