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Agreed. This will be the most closely watched election in our country's history. The legislature is already working on the law to govern it, and it will be very specific. There won't be room for election officials to make up rules on the fly.

I only hope that the vast majority of the "fuck voting for RINOs" crowd doesn't live in GA.

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If we lose the Senate, Chuck Schumer will be majority leader.

All Senate committee Charmanships will go to Dems.

No more Federal Judges.

No Supreme Court appointments will be confirmed.

All this "fuck the RINOs, I'm not gonna vote" attitude is very short sighted.

Hold your noses and do what's right for your country, FFS.

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It could have been handled better. Cussing people out in front of their families is the kind of behavior I despise in the left. We can do better.

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He did not call fraud a conspiracy theory. He made a clear distinction between the two.

Did you read the article before posting? If so, please read it again.

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You'll have to live with that decision if the Dems take the Senate, I live in CT and voted straight party line, knowing full well that in my state it wouldn't make a difference in thew results.

Different strokes.

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Though he did have severe head trauma and neck problems, his death is now being counted as a COVID-19 death.

"While we didn't test him per se, he exhibited a lot of the symptoms of COVID-19," said one Bible scholar as he carefully worked to unearth some ancient face masks from Bible times. "The wooziness, the falling down, the headache -- it's all pretty clearly indicative of the novel coronavirus." He also stated that the virus ran rampant among the Philistines because they did not social distance, while Israel was relatively safe because King Saul declared a lockdown.

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If voting doesn't work, you fix voting.

Trump is busting his ass right now to that. If nothing else comes of this, there will be stricter protocols in the future to protect voting integrity.

Legislatures will devise strict protocols that don't give power to Sec States and local boards to make partisan calls on the fly.

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I am with Trump. I don't want him handicapped by a Dem Senate.

I think Trump himself feels that way. It's highly unlikely that Don Jr. went off script pleading for GOP candidate support.

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