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In before DA drops all charges on shields/weapons and orders release back to ANTIFA terrorists just in time for tonight's scheduled riot.

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Yeah... I'm gonna need a datasheet or study on that. I can accept higher than average levels but 100% is wrong.

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Disable a democrat, steal their KKK outfit, trash the hood and dye the remaining robes black.

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I expect them to arrest the rioters instead of the innocent civilians trying to escape the violence.

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How do you know your store is being ran correctly if you don't directly observe it yourself from both sides of the counter?

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ら り る れ ろ

ラ リ ル レ ロ

Yeah, that looks like a lot of 'R's to me... >_>

Considering the R's can be pronounced more like L's in Japanese, you do speak 'Engrish'...

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Snuff 'em out and throw their butts in the trash.

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Trump did coin 'Lying Ted' during the 2016 Primary but once Trump won and Ted went 'he's the big man now, time to support him', Trump morphed it to 'Lion Ted' easy with an analogy of comparing Ted to a proud, strong Lion (paraphrasing) to turn a competitor to a stronger ally.

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Too bad OAN is always stuck so far in the back, they're almost working the tech booths...

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I'm not into necrophilia...

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Then we should ask Kamala for her opinion. Just think of the amount of babies she's swallowed!

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Ironically, there are techniques to make a city self sustaining, such as hydroponics facilities and rooftop/terrace farming. The reason we don't do so right now is because it's just not economically viable, as mass rural farming is vastly more efficient than the 'city methods'.

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How to siege a city via 2 objectives:

  • Crash/disable 18wheelers in a way to block the main highways in and out of the city, preferably over any major bridges or roads that don't have frontage streets. Use a handful of snipers to discourage anyone trying to clear the obstruction.

  • Damage/destroy/disable the power substations distributing power to the city from the nearby power source. This can also be accomplished by using a sniper to shoot/sever the high voltage cables on the high current power lines leading to/from the power source and substations.

The effect is that the city now has vastly reduced flow of food/supplies into the city and any supplies that are in the city will spoil sooner due to lack of refrigeration. Water supply also might be affected, depending on location of source and how it's powered, but as a human can survive without food for months but only days without water, it's advisable to leave the water supply alone.

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Depends on how the radicals react, doesn't it...

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Congrats! You have a new kid but you've been on a year long deployment!

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Whoa, now! There's only so much winning you can fit- Ha! Sorry, couldn't even finish the joke.

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Part of me wonders if this is a satire pic, cause it's just too plastic.

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Preach, brother. I watched the USAF take a nosedive during the Obama admin... All the leadership got filled with yes-men and the wokening occured. Things were actually fun when I joined during the Bush Jr, where we were looking forward to completing the mission instead of the 'fill the checklist of diversity' Obama turned it into...

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He doesn't vacate his senate seat until he's confirmed for justice, though, unless I'm missing something. So, he can vote for himself into the seat, just like Trump will vote for himself this Nov.

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Have a heart! This might the only way she'll be able to get someone to see her body unclothed!

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