Konsaki 1 point ago

Depends on how the HOA is written but, yeah, I refuse to buy property in an HOA.

Konsaki 5 points ago

Not soon enough.

Konsaki 1 point ago

They already did the race roulette in the Dem Primaries... it ended with two old white guys duking it out.

Konsaki 10 points ago

It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose!

Konsaki 2 points ago

They 'say' the freeway was closed but it obviously wasn't because there were cars and pedestrians on it.

Konsaki 4 points ago

I don't think it matters in this case. The video makes it look like he's just a normal driver who found the road blocked by parked vehicles, tried to swerve around them only to find human shaped bowling-pins behind them.

Konsaki 27 points ago

If ANTIFAGS feels strongly enough to be making political terrorism, I'm surprised they would cover their face.

Konsaki 3 points ago

It's not 'going' to the site, it's that it wouldn't allow me to send a link to the site to my uncle.

Konsaki 2 points ago

It should have still sent the text I wrote out as 'thedonald.win' as just text in that case, shouldn't have?

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