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Did we pee in some commie's soy latte? Because that is alot of deleted comments with the commie handshake

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Off topic, but did we pee in some commie's soy latte? Because that is alot of deleted comments with the commie handshake.

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There is only truth and lie. A statement that starts with truth then ends with a lie is still a lie, and a statement that starts with lie then ends with a truth is also still a lie.

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0bummer certainly aged like spoiled milk.

Guess evil does rot you from the inside out.

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There has been corruption within the NY voting system, primarily centered around the city areas (go figure).

Fortunately, it is getting exposed and even more exposed by the minute. Once Trump is in power, maybe we can see some change finally.

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The Deep State Swamp think themselves as gods amongst slaves and cattle.

May God remind them the penalty for Idolatry, Blasphemy, and Hubris.

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We go faster than the speed of light!

...No really. On the old T_D on reddit, before we got booted off, the Trump train was going so fact it can reach the next galaxy over within 5 short years!

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That's a nice Three Gorges Dam you got there Chyna. Shame if anything happens to it.

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Nice meme!

By the way, I haven't seen that Lego template yet. Can you show me where did you get it?

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Hopefully the baby will recover from this.

Curses be upon all who advocated for this harmful practice at this point in time.

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Let's make something clear: we will never concede.

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This kind of nightmare scenario should convince any freedom-loving Patriot that this is the hill to die on.

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